In the past I always got BOA to pay for most of the fees apply by title companies as recording fees, abstract examinations, etc.  

But just a couple months ago they start cutting this fees, in the past I try to negotiate this as most as I can, but in the last 2 files they really stick to there word and we have to get buyers to cover those fees, as we know some buyers cooperate some don't,  but just trying to get a feel for an options that somebody is using out there to get this fees paid by sellers lender.

Also now if they pay an attorney fee they will not pay a settlement fee in the past I was getting both fees approved.  Any tips or perhaps reassurance that this will be the new process from BOA ?  


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Much of their posture is based upon the investor's guidelines.  You might be hit by nasty investors and not BOA.  On the other hand, for me, BOA has been a brain-dead bear for about 9 months now - insane absurd BPO's and absolutely clear confirmation from the negotiators that NOTHING given to them to show that their numbers are wrong will matter - nothing.  It appears that some idiot at BOA thinks that they will get out of their stockmarket mess by demanding crazy amounts from buyers and that buyers will just pay extra above market, 'cause.

BOA is going through some fits - FNMA just did a shady $500MM bailout while themselves sticking it to the taxpayer for another $5.1BB bailout, BOA supposedly could be in real trouble with the new 2012 laws for reserves, too.  I keep trying to figure out what they are doing so I can get around their insanity - been very difficult lately.

I have 1 file now similar to yours - idiots (either the investor or negotiator?) think leaving $0 to pay for closing will work.  These are the times when I fall back on my unchallenged premise that BOA has no interest in doing short sales - just to keep P.R. in check.  They are paid to "manage" accounts, not get rid of them.  A foreclosure, goody goody, it now goes to BOA REO - and starts with the absurd high BPO number that somehow BOA seems to have engineered (thus ensuring even more time sitting as a BOA paid account) - perhaps as some say by telling BPO agents to keep the number high, perhaps as others say by discluding distressed properties or some other way.

Generally, I think, your issue is with the investor.  Oh, except I rarely have had them OK both settlement costs and attorney fee.  That could be because your deals were very good and they didn't mind giving back a little?


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BOA short sales cutting fees !

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