Are you new to the site and just finding out about The Short Sale Specialist Network? 
 But seriously, I really just get the phones ringing, pull the strings and make things happen! 

This is a COMMUNITY!! 

If you are new and have questions, THIS IS THE PLACE TO ASK THEM ~ if you are considering joining preferred partnership or have ANY questions about what we do or what you can expect from us. JUST ASK!

Hopefully some other members can share answers on this page!

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I just joined as a preferred partner, on average how long would it be before I recieve the first referral?
Hallo Everybody,
I have just joined Preferred Partners. Glad to be here!

I missed the call. Do you have an audio that you can post on the site? Thank you!
Hi there Antonio! Welcome to the site, sorry we didn't get this question earlier, I'm surprised I missed it. This is kind of something that me or one of the folks that actually works for us can only answer anyway. I would say if you joined three weeks ago, its highly likely you've already received your first referral by now. Alot depends on 1.) how big your coverage area is and 2.) the volume we do in your area. In general, about 75% of our new members are getting their first listing within the first 30 days. Around 1/3rd will get their first referral their first week.
Hi Antonio,
I technically joined on the 1st of June, right before the long weekend, and received my first referral today. Mike's word is as good as gold or better. I am meeting the homeowner this Sunday.
Thank you Mike!
Hello Mike, Antonio & Barbara-

I've joined as a preferred partner last week. Happy to be part of this network.
Angelica, congratulations on being a Preferred Partner!
Hi Angelica, good luck with the network. Mike, I guess I am not part of the lucky 75% as I haven't received my first referral. Hopefully it is coming soon. Barbara, How did your meeting go? Did you get the listing?
Hi Antonio,
yes, I did. Had a few showings already.
Two are talking about an offer but you have to have it on paper.
So far so good.

I'm a newbie to SSSN and was wondering how will you be notfied as far as any referral? Phone call? Email? Message on your platform?


Fernando Parada

Central Realty
Hi there Fernando! Welcome to our organization! If you did just register and join (I know we got a new partner a little while ago), April Milkas our agent coordinator will shoot you over an email tomorrow with VERY specific instructions regarding who you can expect from us and what we expect from you!

Welcome again!

PS - you may want to change your user ID so everyone knows your name on here!

Just joined as a Preferred Partner and I'm SOOOO excited!


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