I'm disputing a property valuation with GT and although they say they will get back with me within 48 hours, I haven't heard anything within the last two weeks. Anyone have contact information for any supervisors at GT? I'm open to other ideas as well. BTW, I already filed an on-line complaint with the Treasury Dept.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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I hate, Hate, HATE GreenTree..!!!!!!  It took one year, and an attorney to get them to release my client and agree to a short sale. My file is 6" thick, with 8 Billion pages in there. I will give you all the info I have, and hopefully this will satisfy a few posts:

Megan: 877-631-0572 xt 35330

Her fax: 877-371-5404

Suzi: 877-606-7483 xt 32888

fax: 888-221-7389

loss mit: 817-816-9125

elizabeth: xt 33276

Collections: 800-643-0202


Listing agreement * Offer * Hud-1 * 30 days of Paystubs * Last 2 mo Bank Statements * Last 2 yrs taxes w/W-2's * Copy of any other mortgage statement * Payoff letter from any other lien holder * 3rd Party Auth * IRS 4506-T * Hardship letter *  AND I was told that they wouldn't agree to a short sale if the 1st position loan was Fannie or Freddie backed. *

The payoff letter we received came from fax #: 480-333-6000. The address of the office on the payoff is: PO BOX 6172, Rapid City, SD 57709-6172. Interestingly, they bank at Bank of America, in Manhattan. If you want it, LMK. The phone number on the payoff for questions, and contact info is:

Ruth Passig 877-567-3434 ext 35279

BTW: Some of their strongest tactics are the following:

1) Denying they ever received anything. So ensure you print and save your fax transmission confirmations and fedex tracking numbers, YOU'LL NEED THEM! 

2) After admitting they received everything, they will state everything is out of date.

3) You resend doc's, and they will state that they need EVERY PAGE signed and dated by the home owner.

4) While you are doing all of this, COLLECTIONS is calling your client 100 times a day trying to get them to pay on the loan and lying to them about the short sale process.

I caught them in SO may fabrications, and threatened legal action. Since I'm not an attorney, they rightly ignored my, until I got our Brokerages attorney involved. It still took some time, as we had to being 'all over', but he held their feet to the fire and got it done.

Best of Luck with GreenTree... If they're still up to their old tricks, you'll need it...!


Wow! Sounds just like BOA. They must have all went to the same school.  No wonder there are no new posts for 2013. I just called to find out if there was a newer packet than the 2011 one. I was told yes, but she would not give me access to it. My comment was that I found it strange that the packet was not readily available on the Greentree website.


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