Hey guys! Help me! My client just got a call saying her Homeowner Foreclosure Alternative has been approved after punching in a message code and said they are sending the package to her in a few days. Is this a short sale approval package? I thought this comes in an email format and I have had excellent communication with the lender and Fannie Mae agent, yes I said Fannie Mae agent personally called and emailed me several times. I was told today that PMI has approved the short sale and the decision was now in the 2nd lien holders hand. So, guys what you do think? My client is beyond excited. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before. This is two Citi Bank loans and Fannie Mae investor owned. Thanks for your help! Kelly

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It usually means they're eligible for the HAFA Shortsale program, they will need to complete the package, I suggest you review it with your sellers as you may have to sign as well and I highly recommend yo fax the package back to them.

Hi! I just called Citi  Bank and they said the short sale has been approved and are sending a letter. The junior lien has been recommended for approval but no other information has been given. They wouldn't give me any details of the short sale letter and we just have to wait for the mail! I have never received an approval for a short sale like this. I am not too worried about the second as it is a very small amount, just over $5k. Is this how Citi gives their approvals? Can anyone answer me that works with Citi  Mortgage. I seem to get all the B of A and WF short sales which is not a bad thing as they are GREAT to work with now!

I received my last Citi / Freddie approval via email.


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