Hi, I had a pre-approved coop BOA short sale, was waiting for the final approval on the offer we received, spoke to a DTS negotiator, ironed out all the wrinkles, when all of a sudden received a message through the equator that the short sale was declined due to failing to pass internal review. Ever since February 1 I have been trying to get a simple answer to what exactly was the reason behind a very vague "failing to pass internal review". We can resubmit, but need to know what was the problem. I spoke to the asset manager and had several phone calls from social media support group - still no clear answer on this file. BOA just recently disconnected their escalations hotline. I believe I actually know the real poroblem, but need someone at BOA who can make decisions to listen and resolve. It involves identity theft that the defaulted borrower has been notifying BOA for several years now, yet they did not do anything about it. Does any one have any suggestions how we can get this resolved? Thank you! 

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Twitter is GREAT.  If you haven't used twitter yet for BOA escalations, send a tweet to @BofA_Help https://twitter.com/BofA_Help

Yes, I tried and they are great - they return calls and answer immediately, but once they move it to the next person, which in my case was the asset manager, it gets stalled.

Did you ask the seller if they filed BK without you knowing ?

Yes, there is no BK. The seller was a victim of identity theft resulting in a fraud,which I believe is the reason (BOA employees I spoke to never confirmed it though). The seller called and notified BOA in writing many times, when our group took this listing we notified BOA as well of the incorrect information in the system, yet it was never corrected. At this point the seller really needs someone at BOA to take a look at the whole several years history and investigate, but no one is doing it. The asset manager takes forever to answer each phone call and told me on the phone he will only be talking to the seller and will return her call immediately, yet it has been almost a week and he never did. Frustrating for the seller, she is ready to give up. However a foreclosure will be haunting her for the next 10 years... 

Are you sure is on the side of the seller, Is the buyer a LLC ? They decline files based in internal review failure for LLC that they have flagged.


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