I have a short sale listing in Virginia . Now I have a ratified contract. It has been my experience in dealing with United Bank for short sales that they do not forgive any of the deficiency. Last seller walked away year and a half ago. .

I need your help to guide in this case. This is a great discussion and problem solving site and I am very confident that I will acheive something.


Please help me. Thank you.


Zubaria Latif



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I am almost certain the do... I did a few deals with them and it was fine unless they changed their guide lines.I am In NY. You might want to ask the Neg if this apply across the board or for certain states. Cause NY is a Deed state and the laws here might be different. 
Thank you Devaykanan. When I did the short sale last year it was the same negotiator . Their presence is small in dc,md,va area. Any thoughts what should I do. Last time they gave me a written approval in one month.

That's great.... you might want give them a really good story if you know what I mean. :) it works sometimes. after all they are human and they do have feelings... think down that line



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