January 2013 UPDATE!!  This program is no longer active! We have STOPPED Preferred Partner Membership.  Up until recently, Preferred Partner Membership was the way for agents to get listings directly from us, however that has changed as of 2/1/2013.  Prior to getting DIRECT assignments from us, agents must join the Short Sale Lead Machine program and fill out our NETWORK BUSINESS AGREEMENT as well and then send it back to us.  Click Here for an overview of these membership changes.

Short Sale Lead Machine Program - This program provides agents with their very own short sale niche website, marketing program, and many resources.  They are only $1 to set up.  In addition, agents who are part of the Short Sale Lead Machine Program can get DIRECT short sale listing assignments from the Short Sale Specialist Network for a 25% referral fee. 

CLICK HERE for information




Our volume is growing very quickly and we are still in need of more good agents in most areas of the country to refer listings to! As part of our membership program, we now have our "Guaranteed Listings Program"!!

The title says it all, no need to explain it that much! For any agent that joins our Preferred Partner Membership, we guarantee you will get your first listing referral from us within 90 days of joining, and we will offer you 100% of your money back in you don't! We have found that at least 75% of our members will get their first listing referral/assignment from us within the first month of joining!

So in addition to all the resources included with the $295 annual membership in our Preferred Partner Program, we will now GUARANTEE you receive short sale listing referrals from us shortly after joining.  Go here to set up a phone interview for membership qualification - http://members.theshortsaleguide.com/pp_join_form.asp

We have already filled up on Preferred Partner Members in some areas of the country!! (See List Below!!)

We have the best reputation in the industry for delivering very high quality, pre-screened short sale listing referrals to agents around the country! CLICK HERE for some testimonials.

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I am really only interested in taking listings in the 89178,79, zip codes, does that matter? Also, do we have the ability to choose what referrals we accept?

Definitely let us know on our network agreement what areas you cover Julie, as well as any "preferences" you have". As an agent myself, I quit listing condominiums as short sales about a year ago (unless it is high end). There are just too many in our area of Florida. I'm extremely picky as of lately.

That is OK, but definitely let us know your what you will and will not accept in advance! We like to tell the sellers when we are talking to them and screening them something like "Julie Vrigian is the agent that will contact you, try to have the short sale package filled out and ready to give her at the listing appointment". In other words, we essentially "assign" them to an agent in advance.
Sounds good, I am somewhat particular myself. We have a lot of condo conversions and condos here too, so I do not want to take them unless they are at least $100k or more. Even then they can be more trouble than they are worth.

Thank you,
I will be signing up.
I hear ya julie! I'm EXACTLY the same way. I can understand it especially if you are paying a referral fee as well. Like I mentioned, just make sure you note what you prefer on the network agreement and April, JP, and Andrew will send you stuff accordingly.

We're also big on "pairing up" certain types of sellers with agents who may best suite them as well...
Guaranteed Listing Program? This is how much? $295/year. Do you request by zip code or by city? Any stats on how many referrals you have recieved for an area and actual listings? I am in the Naples, FL market.
I am in the York County, SC , and Mecklenburg County, NC area. How would that work? Aslo, I am planning a move next summer to Mass, so is this transferable?
Make sure you note all of the areas that you service on the network agreement for Rosemarie. Membership coverage and area is definitely transferable. We work with "individuals", NOT "areas". In other words, we work around our agents.
Thank you Mike, you have been very helpful. I look forward to learning from everyone on the site. I have already picked up a lot of great advice!
Hi, Mike - I would like to know if you have CT in your list . Since CT is not that big and the prices are good, I am willing to accept anywhere. I would like to know if CT is busy or not before I sign up. Most of my short sale clients are my former clients a nd their referrals. I now would like to expand. Thanks a lot.
We LITERALLY don't have ANY preferred partner members in CT! While we have referred several listings out there, we don't have any preferred partners yet...

You should be getting everything for the time being if I'm not mistaken...
When someone joins the Preferred Partner Program, how do you determine who gets the lead if you have more than one agent covering the same area? Unfortunately, I'm in VA and most of the areas I cover are already taken....I'm still on the fence about signing up.
Tish, we definitely love having you on the site here and participating, first and foremost. Unfortunately, for the time being and for the size of Virginia, we don't have enough referrals to justify ANY more partners out there in most or all of the state (check counties above), I know especially Northern VA and VA Beach.

We're not into adding as many people as possible, without the business to send to them Tish, as we don't EVER want anyone saying anything bad out us (especially that we don't deliver!)

As we grow bigger we will need more eventually. You did ask a VERY good other question, "who gets what"? I think we've answered this in preferred partnership post, but I'll share a couple VERY important things with you and anybody else!

1.) WE DO SHOW FAVORITISM! Treat our employees well! If they like you, you are much more likely to receive more referrals. Performance, communication, and history are big factors as well. Everyone gets a chance, and the good ones get listings regularly!

2.) WE DO CUT PEOPLE OFF WHO DO NOT PERFORM! And more importantly, April and the others will stop sending referrals to agents who do not respond well, have a bad attitude, or do not perform.

We cut off membership based on several factors. Mainly, our current referral volume for those areas as well as our projected volume in the NEAR future. Some areas we literally have 6-8 different agents in the same area who get referrals regularly. SOME areas we will block off after like only two agents, as we don't get all that many in those areas.

Hope this helped answer yours and some other agents questions




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