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 Does your short sale website deliver RESULTS?  Are you getting 5-10 listings per month off of it? If not, why are you sticking with something that is grossly overpriced and doesn't work? The Short Sale Specialist Network is #1 in the industry on the search engines and #1 in the industry in short sale lead generation, hands down. This has helped us generate tens of THOUSANDS of short sale leads across the country, and close THOUSANDS of short sale transactions.  We know search engine optimization and short sale lead generation.

Now, we are sharing our tactics and technology with YOU,
and we are even doing it for
dollar 1


Join the Short Sale Lead Machine Program

$0 Set Up Free Regularly $295
$1 First Month
$59 Each month After


For more information on these websites,
Visit www.ShortSaleHosting.com


Basic Sites
(RIGHT after set up)


Customized Websites




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THe monthly fee does that include only the website or do you actually get leads.



After being forced to taking this lead machine website i find that it is still not working. I was told that my website would be up and running in 2 days and it has now been 5 days. This is the second time i have been sighned up for this and yet it still dosent work no one answers the phone . I Pay 299.00 for this membership in august 2012 have received one lead now you are discontinuing membership i feel that i am due a refund of 200 dollars. Let me know what you decide

I was having trouble at first with my site too but the techie guys helped me a lot.... I am sorry that you were forced. I have not heard of this before. I am super happy with my site and it is used everyday by my clients and to be clients to get all sorts of information...I am not techie at all so I always need help and I am looking forward to having them help me out some more in the future. Thanks Short Sale Specialist for such a great site. I just got this so I have not yet received any leads but I am glad that I have it whether I get any leads or not because now I have a place for families in distress to go to so they can get information and become empowered!

I am trying to sign up with using a free domain and kept saying not found.  I don't want a to buy a domain until I try it out. Help me.

You will not be able to switch in the future, but either way, sign up is through http://www.shortsalehosting.com.  If you need help, email helpdesk@theshortsaleguide.com or call (800)210-5231

I have had the site somewhere around a year now. I have gotten numerous listing's from the site. My personal experience is that my clients dont  use the "sign up" section, they just call me and say the need to do a short sale and found me on the internet. I usually carry about 15 short sales at a time and 90% of them come from this site. 

Whatever bumps your running into at the beginning, don't let it make you quit, I do some SEO on the back in, but not a lot. For example, I have an active Rain account and it links back to this site. Easy things like that. The webinars make doing these things pretty easy. 

Feel free to contact me if you want. (719) 231-5525

I am not an Employee or have anything to do with the company it'self. Just a happy client. HERE IS MY SITE

Unfortunately I encountered numerous, ongoing problems before and after getting this website up.  Then, no one ever answered the phone, or when they did they had no idea how to help me. Huge waste of time.  I got tired of calling every day and cancelled.  It's a shame, I think this program was off the ground before it got running. Really rough to tell people they can no longer receive leads unless they sign up for a site there is no support for. Incredibly frustrating.

Wendy, our records show you set up  a site back in June and were one of our first.  Things are much different now.  Frankly, you got a different product and were part of our beta testing.  The reality that you are saying this shows you haven't even stopped to look at his site, ANY site, or even see what we have been doing since you set up one of our sample sites a few weeks after launch.

Chucks site is #1 on the search engines is a great site and a CURRENT review.

Over 60% of our sign ups are DROPPING their CDPE sites or other short sale sites, because our new ones are FAR, FAR superior.

Also, Wendy, here is correspondence on our support platform, showing we tried to reach you and help you numerous times to no avail.  Yes, we DO track all of this -

06/14/2012 15:11 Emailed her the steps to editing her sites b/c i can't reach her on the phone. Called again and left her my personal # to call. twanna donnell 06/14/2012 15:11
06/14/2012 10:46 Made several attempts to contact with Ms. Martin with no luck. I sent her an email letting her know that we resolved all her issues with her site and
i needed her to call me back so i can see why the system is not allowing her to login. I'll try to contact again at 12 as stated in the email.
twanna donnell 06/14/2012 10:46
06/13/2012 15:00 called Wendy in reference to the issues she was having on her site removed some of the post b/c she stated it was illegal in her state. Left a message
b/c she didn't answer. This was my second attempt at calling her with no luck.
twanna donnell 06/13/2012 15:00

is this thing current, or just an old out dated website and guru program? 

Not a Guru program, but definitely still current.  We have many agents still joining all the time.  Visit http://www.shortsalehosting.com for details and to get started.

I am processing a short sale where Wfargo is the 1st lien holder and Real time resolutions is the 2nd. Real time resolutions keeps insisting that Wells Fargo has to sign an ARSS form for them in order for Real time resolutions to give us the approval letter. Now Wells Fargo said they do not sing ARSS forms for other servicers and instead they send a NOSS form. Real Time resolutions keep insisting on this form to be signed by Wells Fargo?? Please Help!!!! :(



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