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 Does your short sale website deliver RESULTS?  Are you getting 5-10 listings per month off of it? If not, why are you sticking with something that is grossly overpriced and doesn't work? The Short Sale Specialist Network is #1 in the industry on the search engines and #1 in the industry in short sale lead generation, hands down. This has helped us generate tens of THOUSANDS of short sale leads across the country, and close THOUSANDS of short sale transactions.  We know search engine optimization and short sale lead generation.

Now, we are sharing our tactics and technology with YOU,
and we are even doing it for
dollar 1


Join the Short Sale Lead Machine Program

$0 Set Up Free Regularly $295
$1 First Month
$59 Each month After


For more information on these websites,
Visit www.ShortSaleHosting.com


Basic Sites
(RIGHT after set up)


Customized Websites




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Hi - I signed up for my Short Sale Lead Machine site on August 2nd and still have not been able to get it to work correctly. All I get are error messages saying I'm not authorized to view or do anything.  Have tried to send in requests to the help desk and they created a "ticket"....I then got an email back and all it said was "completed". I've sent in a couple more emails stating nothing is fixed and trying to get help and have had no more responses, other than an email telling me I needed to update my credit card, and emails telling me about training webinars.  The site is live - with lots of errors and I have no ability to fix it and it's not making me very happy.  I'm sure there's just a glitch because this is so new and I did not want to air this here but am not getting any results any other way.  How can we fix this please?

Getting someone on this right away to figure out what happened here.  We'll get it resolved right away.

I also tried to get mines up and running, but I get the message saying I'm not authorized..??

Rizwan, email HelpDesk@theshortsaleguide.com to get a ticket set up and get ANY issue resolved.

I have been trying to send email to the help desk and I keep getting the message listed below:


A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

   pipe to |/home/admin/public_html/whmcs/pipe/pipe.php

    generated by support@shortsalehosting.com

    local delivery failed

To follow up with Kelly........I signed up for the $1 month, and never got the site fully operational.  Like her, my emails became tickets!  When I finally figured out a number to call, A young lady answered and after every question, I was put on hold, for her to ask somebody else.  She would come back with an answer, but little or no explanation.  Finally, I ask her to give the phone to the person answering the questions.  That is when the attitudes really started.  My wife doesn't snap that hard at me!  I finally decided that life wasn't worth it, when they were trying to get me to participate on their system.

I liked what I saw, but until the "Help Desk" gets their attitudes pointed in the right direction, DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY!  If they were an agent in my office, their license would be in the mail to the state......TODAY!

Hi Mike,

   I am wondering if this generates leads straight 'out of the box' or if it requires additional marketing and promotion?

Check one of our webinars if you are interested in the short sale lead machine program in its entirety. 

I have been trying to sign up for the lead machine website but I can not get the system to accept any of the url's that I have tried. I tried to contact the help desk but no response since I submitted my question. I followed the instructions but it won't take anything for me. Any suggestions?

Forwarding on to our HelpDesk HelpDesk@theshortsaleguide.com

thanks and I will try again too.



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