How to resolve when NO ONE wants to claim servicing of the 2nd lien.???

Yes, as weird as it sounds, the 2nd lien has no one wanting to claim that they service it.

It started with Summit Fiancial, then was transferred to Vericrest , which then turned into Caliber Home Loans - everyone at Caliber Home Loans is claiming they do not service this 2nd lien.   I can't call Vericrest as it no longer exists.   Summit Financial has no valid phone number - the old ones from previous bills now are non-working numbers.     I was told by another realtor they may have been bought out.   

Soooooooo  how do you clear this so we can close if no one wants to claim this 2nd lien???

What's especially sad is that this 2nd lien ($35,000) was going to get $3500 from 1st lender and up to $8000 from seller.   How often does that happen?!!

They would get more than if this goes to foreclosure, but I can't get anyone to claim it.   Title co and atty have given up on me.

Please help!!


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Lisa; It is possible Caliber does not have the loan in their system yet. Have the sellers stopped

making payments on their 2nd? If so they will be contacted soon. When a loan is transferred to a

new servicer it can take a few weeks for a new loan number to be assigned. Just guessing. Look up

the investor and contact them.

I thought that too, but its been almost 9-10 months now since they made the change over so they really should have stuff in their system by now.     They knew there was a 2nd lien over a year ago when we started this and the initial person with them promised me they would negotiate it out, guaranteed me a 60 day close, yeah right, and went on and on about how they make it easier for agents etc.  I have never been so snookered in all my life.   I have contacted the person who signed the assignment from original lender over to them (the name and signature is on the tax recording at the county office and I have sent them a copy)  and I am still being told they have no idea what I am talking about.   It is very frustrating.  I feel like they are plotting to make this one go to foreclosure.

Go to and look up the investor. You will need address and social security number for borrowers.

Try to contact the investor as they know who the servicer is.  Google them until you find corporate offices

and start there. Good luck, that is a weird one.


It may have been sold to a "Debt Buyer".  Has the Borrower / Seller been contacted by a collector on this loan (assuming payments have stopped).  No statements received for a while?  Look at the last statement the borrower received and trace from there.  You may want to call CFPB for assistance.

One other item.  Keep an eye on foreclosure status.  If the borrower has already seen a sale put off due to on a short sale package, your borrower doesn't need to be notified a 2nd time.  They just put it on the docket to sell right out from everyone's noses.   Don't assume the negotiator is going to follow it and even our lenders negotiator seemed to be in the dark over it.

I found a loan number on the previous years tax returns- take a look at the 1099's unearned income/taxable interest  notifications they have to send out by law.  That's where I located my last Loan #/Servicer info.

Lisa - Has title dated down the file to see if an assignment of the second mortgage has been recorded? If you find an assignment, you can determine who the new mortgage holder is and reach out to them.

Our company, American Homeowner Preservation, purchases pools of distressed mortgages, including those serviced by Caliber (formerly Vericrest). However, we only buys first mortgages, so this is not our loan. When the loans are sold, the new debt buyer will often transfer servicing and the borrower should receive notifications by mail as to both the new mortgage holder and the new servicer along with contact information for each.

Good luck. 



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