What is a successful strategy for getting the lender to pay under $2000. for HOA dues arrears?

Lender is GMAC.

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Put it on the HUD and provide the most recent HOA statement...
Did that and they excluded it from the approval.  What is next step?
Make the buyer pay it.  If they cannot or will not, split the fee and have both agents pay out of pocket.
There is a time for realtor support but since this cost is  50% of the commission, not now.  Of course we tried the buyer.  One agent in my town says lender covering HOA arrears is common in his purview.  But how is it done???
Just overestimate it on the HUD, in case things are delayed in the future, and ASK!!  Remind them again, as it may have been done accidentally, then go with what Joseph suggested.  1st Ask Buyer, 2nd Ask Seller, 3rd Split it between agents.

By the way, I'm can only think of ONE case where it was not paid EVER.  The lenders never have a problem with it. 



Did not forget. In fact, projected the current payoff forward two months including penalties.
I have had some luck asking the HOA to remove any late fees/penalties so that helps.
Thank you, Marcy.  This has gone to a collection and my next step is to talk with them about a lesser figure.

I've only had GMAC refuse to pay "non-late" HOA fees.  So, if it is May and we estimate costs to close in August, and I put, "1,200 HOA fees from 05/01/11 - 08/15/01", they would refuse to pay.  If you need to estimate out a few months, you do it as "past due".  For instance, instead of putting what I did above, you put 01/01/2011 - 04/01/2011.  The lender considers this "past due" and will pay it.  Otherwise, they still consider the HOA fees that are not late and are "estimated" to be the seller's responsibility and will refuse it.

I always tell our HOA owners...if you have to stop paying the mortgage, you have to stop paying the mortgage...but please, please, please keep current on the HOAs whenever possible. 

The best way is to have the seller issue a statement they waive the seller incentive.  On the HUD statement on the HOA lines put paid from Seller's Incentive.  That will work for part of it.  The next best step is to contact the HOA and negotiate the lien to be reduced (hopefully just the amt. of the incentive) if any is left then you can see if the buyer or seller can cover the difference. Sometimes depending on the bank they will pay up to a portion of the past due amounts.



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