CHASE offered incentive and is now declining money to seller.

In November 2012  received incentive offer from Chase for a client.  We complied with all requirements.  We are now at the end of our negotiations and they are now declining the incentive, claiming credit officer decided not pay the incentive.

Negotiator first told me they did not recv the listing agreement in time.  But I had documented they were wrong.  Now back peddling and just flat out refusing the incentive...

Is there anything that can be done?

What options can I take?

Any ideas? 


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I had the opposite.  I had a client come to me after the deadline expired, I sent in the complete short sale package and did not ask for the $35,000 incentive because we were past the deadline.  After going over the HUD on the phone with the negotiator, she then added the $35,000 incentive to my buyers!  Push back, go over to supervisor, or threaten that the home owner is threatening to cancel the sale and then file bankruptcy.

Scaring them a little may get the necessary results.

Go on the internet find the Chase Corporate Executives and contact them. tell them why you are calling then remind them about the fair play they claim in their code of conduct.


You should contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  You can file a complaint online with them and my experience has been that once you do that the lender does a complete 180

There are times when no amount of escalation with the lenders works, and your homeowner is being abused by the inefficiencies, arbitrary decisions and just plain mistakes by the lenders.  When you cannot get a resolution, and you know you are in the right on any short sale, you can contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by filing a complaint online at online.  They take them seriously and will fight for the client for you with the lender.  It is time to stop allowing them to just deny the short sale, impact the homeowner negatively when they are in the wrong.  This organization contacts the lender and does a full investigation.  There are times they have won a cash award for clients when the lender is found guilty of wrong doing.  AND it is important to all homeowners that we as the professionals in this industry stand up and represent them NOW.  It isn't Chase that is just strange, they all pull this %^%*& if they are allowed to get a way with it.  The homeowner expects your representation and this is just one more way that you can make sure your representation of that homeowner is the best you can give them.  Every homeowner facing this needs your help to make a change in this fiasco and this is one way you can do that.

Thanks so much for the info, I will use it!

I closed one in April with Chase  and they paid the seller $30,000 relocation fee but they refused to make it tax free. The seller was whining but I explained that was the largest incentive I have ever heard of. You do need to ask for supervisor to supervisor. Do you have it in writing anywhere and signed by the negotiator?

Have your seller sue chase remind Chase of robot signing and intentionally not modifying loans and wrongfully ...  here is one from Arizona attorney general law suit see attachment.


Is anyone doing a non-owner occupied Chase short sale and receiving a Seller incentive?  Does anyone know if this is possible?


They can't qualify for HAFA incentive, but some lenders will still allow it, put it on the HUD to them and see what happens.  You never know until you try.  Even tho they may or may not have done it before, each deal, each negotiator and each investor is different.  Try

If they left the house within last 6 months they should be eligible still

If investment...  they may allow it also...  



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