Bank of America declines short sale for MISSING A MIDDLE INITIAL on one document!

I remember the when the QC folks in India would get "decline trigger happy" a few months back.

Now, some of the negotiators in-house are taking it to another level.

After neededing an escalation to move a stuck file, the negotiator, James Young out of the Delaware location came back with a number of corrections. After the corrections were made, he asked for a 2nd set of corrections -- some of them new, some of them redundant with some document that were already changed.

I sent him a quick note telling him it would've been more efficient if we did ONE round of corrections.

I guess this angered him and he found something to knitpick at so he can reject the file. He sent in a message: "The file has been declined because the seller's middle initial is missing on the Agent Certification header."

No request to have it fixed. Just declined. Now, I have to start over from scratch after waiting more than 2 months.

Any suggestions where to report this unprofessional conduct by the negotiator? 

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File a complaint.  That's just plain nitpicky.  If title could insure it then BOA shouldn't have had an issue with it.  I have done multiple rounds with negotiators and have found even if you ask for them to give you one final request, things still can change multiple times.

I've tried to make compliants to the banking commission about such minor issues but B of A is not regulated by them so I have called the Office of the Comptroller of Currency & at least got a response. I had an issue with whether a seller was Jr, Sr or the III....they were having no trouble foreclosing without knowing which one he was so I tweeted @BOA_help with the property address & my phone number....they are very responsive & helped to stop the FCL & get it re-intiated. they also helped me with another file I was working on....give it a try

Try this phone number:  704-386-5687; if you get a busy signal just keep calling back.

It's the office of the CEO, they will assign you an Advocate.

hi edwin, i have a solution. either call me or private emaol me. 310-929-0011

Geez Keivan, don't you want to share with all of us?  Isn't that why we are on this forum?

Go to Twitter and Tweet to  @BofA_Help    Make your point clear on what/why you are tweeting.  They will reach out to you, you will have to in then "follow them" and they will have you direct message them.  Some hoops to jump through, but they do not want bad press on Twitter... they should respond.

I know for a fact that most of the negotiators in Delaware office do not know what they are doing.most are new. You should have had his superviser (which is only a team lead) get involved I have filed formal complaints on 2 negotiators  and a manager there. One for stalling on a 2nd lien approval and then sending it 2 me 3 hours after the 1st lender foreclosed!  Here is some inside info.those negotiators earn quality control points for getting agents to have every I dotted and every T crossed. I even had one threaten to close the file because buyer's agent did not their fax number on the contract..  I immediatley got his manager on the phone and told them that I knew why they were doing this and stated to him..  "Go ahead and decline the file and we will see you in court"..  he moved the file forward.. As I am a former bank short sale employee (different bank) I know the game and how to challenge ridiculous, silly demands of rookie "negotiators"

That's what my experience has been along with other agents I know that do a large volume of SS.

My favorites in the past were the AZ and FL locations, but haven't had any files sent their way in a long time. More have been going to the 3rd parties.

I have had a very similar experience. Went thru 2 declines before I was told what the reason was (missing buyer's address on a page in our contract that has a space for it, but is actually for our convenience...but it was an unfilled line, so therefore an 'incomplete' contract.)

This is not an uncommon practice, and i would say it is not unprofessional conduct of the negotiator.  The negotiator is the bank themselves.  You will find that this is a common practice amongst reos, huds, and shorts.  It is and always will be very important to be extremely detailed when putting contracts, and closing a file.   Suppose it was not the middle initial you had not put on the file, but typed an incorrect SS#.  This can affect buyers and sellers long term.  I would say they should have caught this early on, but, make sure to dot your I's and cross your T's in the future.


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why do you say that, Robert?

What does President Obama have to do with Bank of America. You can be wordy in your response, please.



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