Just received this email regarding the Wells Fargo short sale process on Equator:


July 15, 2011


We're following up to see if you've had the opportunity to simplify the short sale process for your Wells Fargo properties by using the Equator

Take advantage of the automated process

Now that we're part of the Equator network, we encourage you to use this
platform to help you initiate, manage and process any short sale
transactions for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage properties.

As a reminder, Equator is available at any time to help you:

  • Initiate the short sale process - with a few steps, initiating the sale is easy
  • Check the file status of your short sales - to stay on top of tasks and on target with deliverables
  • Upload documents - to easily verify documents have been submitted
  • Access the workflow of requested items for short sales - to readily know the items still needed

The following types of loan will be accepted through the system for your Wells Fargo short sale properties:

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage conventional loans, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans
  • America's Servicing Company loans
  • Veterans Association (VA) loans
  • Home Credit Solution (HCS) loans

Contacts - if you need assistance

With process-related questions, or specific questions regarding offer status or initiating Wells Fargo short sale properties:

  • Call the Wells Fargo short sale team at 1-866-903-1053
  • Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time

With technical questions about Equator workstation:

  • For support via web chat, log in to the agent portal at www.equator.com, click on 'Need Help? Live Chat Online
  • For support via email, please address questions to agenthelp@equator.com

Don't delay. Start using Equator to streamline the short sale process for your Wells Fargo properties.


Bart Vincent
Senior Vice President, Short Sales
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

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I received that letter too at exactly the same date as your.  The contents are exactly the same too.   I don't have any new Wells Fargo short sale so I don't know if their web chat is helpful.  I had great experience with my Well Fargo Short Sale negotiator so I will email her my short sale listing when I get another Wells Fargo short sale.   I don't think there are good comments about equator and I don't want them ruin my transaction.
Oy vey. Aren't I lucky to have 3 new Wells offers to submit.  Be prepared, the wait is long, and the folks at Wells are still learning, and way behind.  It would be quicker to fax in like we used to, but they still make you use Equator even if you fax it in.  So far, horrific. For example, you can't just upload to the library, they make you fill in each line for the HUD and other docs.  And on some addendums they want a notary.  If their aim was to slow things down they have met their goal.
I've only done ONE WF Equator sale and it was right when they started with Equator...I'd say within a week from when they were up and running and it was HORRIFIC compared to BOA.  BOA is MUCH much easier on Equator.  They may have changed things from a couple months ago, but MAN, if I had my choice I would fax it in.



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