I have been thinking about adding Short Sale Lead Finder to my business to have another source for getting business.

I am not sure if they are legit though and since I have been burned by this sort of thing before, I thought I would ask here and see what you guys think of them.

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You mean Short Sale Agent Finder? They are "legit", and heard many good reports a year ago or so.  Lately, I've been hearing agents say they are not getting very much through it, not as much as they used to.  I'll let others chime in on their experience.

FYI... 100% of their business / leads come from PAID search engine traffic.  Any agent can easily set up a GOOD short sale website and use "pay per click" marketing to drive the same traffic to it like THEY do.  You'll actually find greater results because you are a local company, something many consumers prefer.

I have been thinking about this as well.  I signed up for their free service but they have been sending me emails religiously about joning their paid lead system.  Any feedback on them would be greatly appreciated!  Especially in the Southern California area.

My Broker is hesitant to sign the agreement for Short Sale Agent finder,because he believes they may claim a referral fee even if the client works or is working with another agent.  Most such companies simply let the agent sign the agreement.


We ask brokers to sign now for our assignments.  And trust me, it is HARD to collect any commissions that agents don't pay, even on deals they DO close themselves! 

I never considered that. I did sign up with them to give it a try but haven't gotten anything so far. If we don't close the deal why would they claim a commission from us...I guess I don't get it.

I'm signed up on the free membership and did get a short sale lead. I guess they didn't have a paid member agent in the area. There are a lot of houses in this area that are under 100k, there just isn't enough commission to pay 25% referral. I like Mikes suggestion about doing PPC marketing yourself.



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