I am writing this as a buyer of a short sale home. I have been trying to buy this home for 7 mos. today.  I am need of some information... I have a agent who is working for us, okay really I think she is just along for the ride. The only time I her from her is when a new extnison needs to be sgined. I got an email from the listing broker yesterday who wrote he was done with this deal!

Hold on, how can a broker just be done. We are working with Owen he told me that he can get any where with them. So I have been doing what I can on my end to get him good numbers for him to call. I told him I was willing to do any thing to get this deal done. We have been given closing date that come and go, then I find out that he never has gotten approval in writing. I am not all warm and fuzzy do to the fact that I have already have done a inspection plus apprasal  in which I paid for.

My plan today and the main reason for writing is do you think I should call the realtors office manger? Or should I just jump to the owner?


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Comment by Paula luttrell on March 15, 2013 at 12:22am

I have been in contact with the sellers agent. I am thinking that his pants should be on fire. I have been doing some major digging. Tonight he emailed us and said that B of A is looking at all the paper work again! NOT I have learned that if a bank signs off and sells it to lets said Owen, B of A washes their hands of it and has nothing to do with it again. It has taken all I have not to call him out in it. The sad part about this is I did think I asked all the right questions of my agent and the sellers agent before I got in to deep.... Wrong....

Comment by Mike Linkenauger on March 14, 2013 at 3:57pm

Your first mistake was working with a buyers agent who doesn't know about short sales.  If your buyers agent knew a THING about short sales, he would have never encouraged you to spend money on an appraisal or inspections without an approval letter in hand.  A GOOD buyers agent would have been able to screen the transaction, in order to make sure both the seller is cooperative and the listing agent is competent.  Without both of those, ALL short sales fail.  Without a buyers agent who understands HOW to do this, things like this happen regularly.

Frankly, if you claim you have an "agent", but are somehow dealing with the listing broker and seller directly, then it becomes obvious to those who do alot of short sales that neither one of them has a clue what they are doing.  Many short sales have nothing to do with the "numbers", but have everything to do with having the right people working them.  You would be wise to move on the both another property, and another agent. 


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