Reno Short Sales: The Banker's Bill of Rights

Reno NV - If homeowner's have a bill of rights, then bankers must have one as well. We decided to put together the Banker's Bill of Rights. That way they wouldn't feel left out.

Let me know if we should put this together and petition congress to add it to the constitution.

The Banker's Bill of Rights.

1. All Bankers have the Right to make any mistake they want and still get bailed out by the American Taxpayer. They can fiddle around with complex derivatives with no risk to themselves or the bank they run.

When they run their bank into the ground, they get the full assistance of the American Taxpayer to bail them out of their mess.

[caption id="attachment_1104" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="American Taxpayer Bailing Out The Banks"] [/caption]

2. All Bankers have the right to say "sic' em" to their debt collection phone harassment team. Every American that doesn't pay on time will be called non-stop until that pay up.

They have the right to call the debtor at 8:55 on a weeknight, at 8AM on the weekend, and even at their workplace. Maybe the Bankers can embarrass the employee or cause their boss to fire them.

3. All Bankers have the right to make the loan modification as confusing and frustrating a possible. This includes the right to change policies at anytime, continue the foreclosure process in order to force the homeowner to accept a payment they can't afford, and not respond to phone calls or e-mails for weeks at a time.

4. Every American either pays their mortgage on time, or they are sent to a forced labor camp to work until they have paid everything back in addition to delinquent interest. This is called "The Gulag" Rule.

If you get behind and we lose money on your house, then go to a work camp to "work off" what you owe us at minimum wage.
In addition, if any homeowner dare not pay on time, then a late penalty shall be charged at 10% per day.

4. All Bankers have the right to hide all the rules for a short sale or loan modification. We will enter a new age of holding the homeowner in the dark. Transparency, accountability, and openness will be gone.

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