California shortsales pay you up to $45,000 to move! Debt forgiven,you pay zero! SEE THE NEW RULES, MAKING IT EZ!



Now it is simple to qualify! You can now get approved on what is called an IMMINENT DEFAULT!  Something that might not be going on currently, but is ABOUT to happen that will IMMINENTLY AFFECT your ability to continue to live in the home and make your payments! If you have any of these can now QUALIFY for a short sale more than ever... Call 310-429-4170 or send a quick simple email to  to see if one of your IMMINENT situations qualifies for a short sale of your home in Los Angeles,Orange,Riverside,San Berardino,San Diego,or any other county here in California. *Quick, simple qualification questions or fill out form can see if you fit the simply formula that allows you to DO A SHORT SALE, GET MONEY, AND WALK AWAY DEBT FREE AND PAY ZERO!


More and more banks are now willing to PAY SELLERS to short sale their properties, due to the government suing the banks. CHASE is one of the most generous in offering up to $45,000, with others following suit.
NEW RULES as of NOV 1st, 2012 and as of the NEW YEAR 2013 have now come into effect, making getting your SHORT SALE APPROVED  easier and less time consuming than ever.
Did you know as of Nov 1st 2012, the new GSE rules on short sales state that your lender can NO LONGER FORCE YOU TO become delinquent in order to approve your short sale. So YES! YOU CAN do a short sale and keep your credit intact with a slight keeping CURRENT on your payments if you want to..and yet STILL get your lender to APPROVE YOUR SHORT SALE.
*Also since the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief Act of 2007 was extended by Congress til the end of 2013, you DO NOT have to pay taxes on the deficiency amount that was forgiven in the short sale..this is NOT taxable income. *Check with CPA's current on short sale rules.
*More good news for those needing to short sale! Did you also know that NOW your lender cannot drag the short sale on for months and months? They MUST give a decision within 45 days of your short sale package submission to your lender....otherwise on the 45th is considered APPROVED.... PERIOD! So now all decisions must come in 45 days or less!
*And with SB468 being in effect...this is the greatest thing for CALIFORNIANS DOING A SHORT SALE! For Californians ONLY, Gov. Gerry Brown initiated this ruling which basically says that in a CA short sale....the short sale is FINAL--owner can NOT be pursued by it's lender AFTER the short sale! In addition, the sellers PAY ZERO! You cannot be forced to make ANY CASH contributions to your lender in order for them to approve your sale, AND you CAN NO LONGER be forced to sign ANY PROMISSORY NOTES to the 2nd lien holder or any MI company..holding you hostage in your short sale.
With all these great options...short selling your home is easier than ever! The banks have even eased up on the documents you need to send in...making it smooth going for homeowners in distress.
You need a negotiator who is experienced in short sales, in getting sales approved OVER AND OVER again and who knows how to work with UPPER management at all the banks...NOT at the lower level with those who are NOT decision makers.
*My network has a 100% success rate on short sale approvals! We have done over 400 short sales and have gotten an approval EVERY TIME! EXPERIENCE counts in KNOWING what to do, and getting it done at executive level, oftentimes with the office of the CEO/President.
A short sale can be done ANYWHERE in CALIFORNIA... all counties, Los Angeles County, Orange County,Riverside county,San Bernardino county,San Diego county just to name a few!!!!
Call 310-429-4170 and ask for SHY or email at: for a quick FREE evaluation to qualify.

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