January 2013 UPDATE!!  This program is no longer active! We have STOPPED Preferred Partner Membership.  Up until recently, Preferred Partner Membership was the way for agents to get listings directly from us, however that has changed as of 2/1/2013.  Prior to getting DIRECT assignments from us, agents must join the Short Sale Lead Machine program and fill out our NETWORK BUSINESS AGREEMENT as well and then send it back to us.  Click Here for an overview of these membership changes.

Short Sale Lead Machine Program - This program provides agents with their very own short sale niche website, marketing program, and many resources.  They are only $1 to set up.  In addition, agents who are part of the Short Sale Lead Machine Program can get DIRECT short sale listing assignments from the Short Sale Specialist Network for a 25% referral fee. 

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Basic membership in our network is FREE. You can access our forums, blogs and groups sections, and all areas of this site by simply setting up a profile at www.TheShortSaleGuide.com !
**FREE Agent to Agent Referrals
Members of the Short Sale Specialist Network are free to refer buyer and seller leads to other network members. In order to encourage participation in our blogs and forums section, we regularly give out FREE buyer leads to our most active participants. We also get some sellers visiting our agent website as well.

**Direct Referrals/Assignments

We currently work with THOUSANDS of buyer and seller leads every month in every state! Our pre-screened and qualified buyers and sellers are Referred ONLY to our Preferred Partner agents .Referral fees are 25% of the listing or selling commission side.

•Please note that we do have strict standards of practice and additional ethics requirements of the agents we refer home sellers to.

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Access to our “members only” short sale resource website.
“Preferred Partner” membership logo added to your profile at www.TheShortSaleGuide.com . This will open you up to receiving many more referrals from other agents and the general public
Agents in our network receive referrals from us based on availability and are graded based on consistency, accountability, experience, and production.
Different areas of the country produce different numbers of referrals. Our top agents who prove themselves over time receive up to 4-8 listing referrals/assignments per month from us consistently. Our AVERAGE agent receives 1-3/Month. Some rural or small areas will produce less.
There is a need for multiple agents in major cities, as sellers are “paired up” with specific agents who may best be able to meet their needs. There are a few areas where we have filled up on agents that are noted on the payment page or below, but most areas are still open for new agents. We still post TONS of listing referrals on sites like activerain.com because we do no even have ONE good agent in many areas. Not to mention we are growing in volume very rapidly and will continue to do so this year!
We believe in giving ALL preferred partner agents in our network a chance. If you join, you will receive at least one listing referral as available in your market area from us during your membership. You will likely receive several, and if you are good you will likely receive them regularly.
ALL referrals are 100% Pre Screened. They are informed about the short sale process, given a financial worksheet and list of all required documents, and instructed to have these ready for their referred agent at the time of listing.
Prior to receiving any referrals from the Short Sale Specialist Network, you MUST sign and return our Network Business Agreement. ***Please read our Network Business Agreement prior to submitting your Preferred Partner inquiry form to make sure you agree to our terms and conditions!
If you are considering joining our Preferred Partner program, please read our testimonials and see what some of our active members have to say about us. We have been doing this for a little while and have not even charged ANY membership fee until very recently. Feel free to also set up a profile at www.TheShortSaleGuide.com and participate in any way you like!


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Comment by Mike Linkenauger on February 17, 2010 at 3:13pm
At the time, we are no longer in need of new preferred partner members to recieve listing referrals in the following areas:

Brevard and Lee Counties in Florida

Orange County California

Greater Denver Colorado Metro Area

Greater Phoenix Arizona Metro Area

Northern VA/Washington, DC & Maryland Suberbs

ALL other areas of the country we are currently in need of new agents to recieve buyer and seller referrals. Please let us know on the Network Agreement if you also prefer to only work with buyers or sellers. If you live in one of these areas, you may still join and utilize our short sale resources and forms and be next in line to recieve referrals in one of these areas if you choose.

Comment by Mike Linkenauger on February 4, 2010 at 11:00pm
Exactly. We have been extremely selective about who we refer stuff to (because we work off referral fees), and we have AWESOME agents in our network. Always looking for more as we grow, but we have some of the best in the country!

Funny thing is that a good portion of them aren't even on this site yet! Half the members that went ahead and signed up today set up a profile AFTER they joined.
Comment by Andy Morris on February 4, 2010 at 10:44pm
thanks... i gained a lot from the free forums... and had some good dialogues... the nice thing is that there is a good core of people who know their crap because you started this from your core of people that were allready involved.
Comment by Mike Linkenauger on February 4, 2010 at 10:39pm
I'm going to start a membership discussion under the Q and A section (formerly "forums") to answer some questions.

We already send referrals to 1-3 people in each major city. However, We are growing exponentially right now. We are 50%-60% higher volume than we were a couple months ago, and we will at least double our volume by summer. We will have 2-5 agents at least in every major metropoitan area. Not to mention that different sellers are also "paired up" with agents who may best suit them, so we need several agents in each area. We are also always trying to find better agents (hence the grading system). EVERY preferred parter will recieve a shot with us Andy. The good ones will stick around and grow their business with us. I can tell from your participation that you are an agressive agent. If you are REAL GOOD, you can always take the place of another agent. It happens.

We are in NEED of good agents. If you ever blog on activerain, check out April Miklas profile on there. She posts referrals up there around the country on a daily basis because - WE NEED GOOD AGENTS! Even in large cities where we already have a couple agents! We've been around doing this for 18 months now, working ONLY off referral fees at closing. THATS how we make our money, this membership fee is just to help us grow right now and better serve the agents in our network (adding several more staff, spending more generating business ect...). Our growth has been slow ONLY because we have had to spend money then wait six months to be paid off referrals.

Don't underrate the resources either, many of the very experienced agents get alot out of our webinars, and I personally use ALL of our listing forms (not just lender short sale packages, but information based stuff to give to sellers), trust me, you will use them to.
Comment by Andy Morris on February 4, 2010 at 10:09pm
Is there any way to see how many other agents there are in our market competing with us as a specialist? I won't pay $200 for a designation or for lender contacts. I generally have those. But the right leads are gold?


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