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Having Mortgage Difficulties??? YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!!!

The housing crisis has caused a great deal of stress to homeowners in hardship, and has pushed more than one out of every seven of them into the path of foreclosure. Options have been made available to homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure; options like repayment, mortgage modification, deed in lieu of foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and short sale. In this article we will take a look at these different options available to home owners who are in…


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One Hurdle Cleared......One More To Go!!!!!

The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act of 2007 provided distressed homeowners with the ability to sell their homes via short sale without having to worry about including the amount of the waived balance in their yearly tax calculations. Prior to 2007, short sellers were provided a 1099 for the amount of the waived balance and it was taxed as additional income. 


The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act of 2007 provided distressed homeowners with an avenue that provided an additional level…


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More Changes to HUD's Pre-Foreclosure Sales Program!!!

Ahhh.....another Tuesday and another email from Bank of America announcing yet another change with their short sale processing guidelines. HUD has just announced that now, their Servicers will NOT review any offers presented within the first 15 days of MLS exposure.


Sounds reasonable, right????'s the "Gotcha"....

It appears that this 15 day MLS exposure time clock begins ticking when the property is listed within the appropriate…


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An Ounce of Prevention is ALWAYS worth a pound of cure!!!

It's no secret that our current real estate market in Newnan is fast and furious....even now, during the "slow" months, properly priced homes are selling at record pace. Now...given this information, it's important that Buyer agents are diligent in representing their client's interest to the fullest.


Here's the scenario....


I have an absolutely…


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Beautiful Two Story Traditional In the Heart of Tyrone W/ Full Basement For Only $249,900!!!!

$249,900, 4Bd/2.5Ba Single Family House, 2234 sqft.…


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Either Love It or Leave It......Just Don't Lowball It!!!

The concept seems pretty theory. You're in the market for a home, find one that you ABSOLUTELY fall in love with, and make every attempt in the world to try to get it for as little as humanly possible by submitting an offer considerably less than the list price and its market value.


Here's the reality...

1) Unless you're dealing with an Institutional Seller (Banks, Credit Unions, Investors, Etc) and the person on the other end is just some number cruncher…


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Before you try to protect the world.....first start with your client's earnest money!!!

It all starts the list a "haute" property in great condition that's price just right and you receive a FLOOD of phone calls.

This is exactly what happened to me, but one particular call stood out from the others...this agent spoke of her client who has a disabled child and they'd already looked at about 50 properties...and missed out on about 20 of those. Instantly, I felt her pain. She showed…


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Overpriced age old dilemma with a new twist!

Picture it....Georgia 2013......

The real estate market across the State is experiencing some major transformations. Buyers are scrambling to find homes and Sellers are once again in the driving seat! We're seeing lower Seller paid closing costs contributions and home prices are steadily increasing. Multiple offer situations on well priced normal market sales are becoming the's definitely a change from two years…


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Can't afford a home inspection???? Then, you can't afford to buy a home!

It seems that we've weathered the storm of the foreclosure craze and have experienced a massive pendulum shift in which home seller's can pretty much dictate what they want for a change. Multiple offer and calls for highest and best on NORMAL market sales have become the norm for some markets. All of this is absolutely outstanding.....if you're looking to sell your home.…


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Strategic default.....sounds good until your character is questioned....

I overheard an interesting conversation in the office yesterday. Apparently, an agent showed a rental property that was listed by another agent in the office. Of course, the listing agent asked about feedback and the showing agent excitedly mentioned that his clients were interested in the property. Their conversation quickly changed to the reasons why the prospective tenants are now choosing to rent and he mentioned that they were doing a strategic default on their…


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Beautiful 3 bdrm/ 2.5 bath on Full Basement For Only $134,900!!!

$134,900 , 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths,

1 half baths, 2,131 square feet…


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First, the marriage of peanut butter and this?????

To know me is to know that I LOVE peanut butter...I love it on a spoon by itself, on bread, with jelly, without jelly, with bananas, etc...I think you get the picture.

When someone felt it prudent to mix peanut butter with chocolate.....OH MY!!!! I was in absolute peanut buttery heaven!!!!


Now that you know how I feel about the peanut butter and chocolate.......


Recently...Bank of America announced that it was…


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I'm so glad that you have time to waste....U​nfortunate​ly, I don't!

First off, I'd like to say that I'm completely thrilled that our Real Estate markets are rebounding (quite well in some areas)! Secondly, I'd like to say that I am, in no way, against Investor Purchasers. In fact, I love them.....well, at least I like 'em a lot. However, no matter how well our markets are doing or how long we've been in the industry, we still must deal with the lunacy and absolute hilarity of some Purchasers.

Here's the short version......

Beautiful traditional home…


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Spring is in the air......a​nd buyers are ready to pounce!!!!

This past Saturday was an absolutely wonderful day to meet with my buyers as they chose their lot and selections for their new construction home. The weather was perfect, the birds were humming, and Spring was definitely in the air.

I'd been talking with the On-Site Agent and she'd been telling me about how they've had an influx of buyers in the community wanting to either purchase their existing inventory or build a new home and they were all complaining of the same phenomena.....very…


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Ahhhhh....​..The Lovely World Of Short Sales (Will the saga ever end)????

UGH!!!!! Well, one thing's for certain.....we're never at a loss for drama in the world of short sales. I was just speaking with another agent on yesterday who was telling me about her short "sellers" who stopped the transaction a week prior to closing! The listing agent had fully ss approval with a waiver of liability, the buyer's loan had been fully approved through underwriting, and they were just waiting for the closing date to arrive. The Seller's determined that they were not yet ready…


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Another Pendulum Shift.....Now, why can't I find a home???????

As with most markets across the Country, Coweta County is experiencing a sort of unique market condition. What's that??? WE HAVE MANY, MANY MORE BUYERS THAN WE HAVE PROPERTIES TO SELL TO THEM!!!! Now, don't get me wrong..this has created a beautiful scenario for those who are looking to sell their homes. Demand is up and supply is down! The perfect economic dilemma!!!  

I know that this scenario is pretty difficult for some buyers to believe, but it's the God honest truth! The fact…


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Without Knowledge...."Passing The Buck" Can Be Fatal For Your Client!!!

First of all, please allow me to preface this blog post with the following statement...."I am NOT against the use of third party negotiators handling short sale transactions. There are many effective third party negotiators and some that I would even use....after a lengthy interview, of course. The actions of some third party negotiators DO NOT reflect the actions of ALL third party negotiators".

....No that I've gotten that out of the way, it's time for me to speak my mind.



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Short Selling a Tenant Occupied Home???? Get Ready For Drama!!!!

As short sale agents, we have to endure the craziest scenarios. If it's not the most asinine requests from some banks/servicers, then surely it's the unusual repair requests from buyers (yeah Seller's selling his home via short sale, hasn't paid squat towards a mortgage in over three months...HOWEVER, he/she certainly has $10,000 to pay for new carpet and paint). My all time favorite has always involved selling a tenant occupied home.

It always starts out the…


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Due Diligence.​........It​'s not just for breakfast anymore!!!​!

Here's the scenario.......Listing Agent has a million dollar listing in a high end community. The property is still owner occupied and is filled with extravagant and expensive furnishings. An unrepresented Buyer approaches the listing agent and gives her an exciting story about winning the Colorado lottery. She also mentions how she has made it her life mission to adopt homeless children and give them a lifestyle that supercedes the one that they're currently living. She needed an opulently…


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