I received 2 new tasks in Equator, (Supply Listing Info & Enter Marketing Plan). 

I opened the task to confirm it wasn't simply the task name being recycled: these were identical tasks to the last 2 tasks completed July 2.  I called WF, she confirmed the same, didn't find any message or notes the tasks I originally completed had been rejected for one reason or another, so her suggestion? 'Just complete them again so you don't have any uncompleted tasks'.

Has anyone experience any more interesting ways WF might slow down a short sale?

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Just do it. You can have your seller declared dead. True story. Took a month to get them to clear it up...  That took some hoops to jump through. And, they won't tell you why they won't speak to you when you ask them It was a fiasco. 

Had the same thing happen on Equator with a BOA short sale. I tried many different ways around it. It's just simpler to do it again.

Steven, I believe it's Equator.  Words cannot express how much I hate this platform. 

I received ELEVEN emails the other day on one of my Bank of America short sales (and of course, since BAC is now into "protecting privacy", the emails no longer contain the message, or even a hint as to WHICH short sale the message is about, just the notification that there is a message and you must log in). 

It was the same bloody message over and over again. 

My negotiator (who is awesome, by the way) called ME to apologize.  She was ready to rip her hair out as the program was stuck on the same 2 tasks and she was trying to move it forward so she could generate the approval letter for me and every time she tried it automatically generated a message to me.  She had already had IT people in twice to "fix" the problem.  Had been told twice that it was fixed, but, obviously not.

This is the 3rd time in the last month that something similar has happened with a short sale using the Equator Platform.

Did I mention that I HATE Equator?

But isn't this so much more fun than calling in and having them tell you over and over that they didn't get your fax or the docs are now out of date? What a wondrous tool of torture Equator can be in the hands of experts like bankers. ;-)

BofA has lashed out at agents/buyers/sellers for the recent mandate to speed up short sales by creating a lot more hoops with very short deadlines. You may be experiencing the same thing from WF, but they aren't telling you what their objections are. Often, they are picky crazy things. (3 yrs on a 4506-T instead of 2 listed, for example).

Some one tell the CIA about this: waterboarding and Equator insanity.  :)

I've had Joy's situation (countless empty, meaningless messages), and then the last message is actually form the negotiator distilling it all down in to 2 or 3 simple items.

But also, it's all relative. If WF would use Equator a little better, I LIKE having a complete history of everything in one system.  When WF won't use EQ and everything is through their 'secure' email, it's just one more headache.  Or when it's a HAFA file and you get the message 'for security reasons' this file is being handled outside EQ.  I like being able to upload a document to a system where (when I'm in a righteous mood), I can say what do you mean you don;t have it? I'm looking at it now in the same system you have'.

What I won't do to hear someone at a bank tell me, 'you're right.'  :)

Might just be a marketing update request.  Like they said .. just do it :)


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