Has anyone tried working with pre-NOD lists (usually purchased from a company that sells 30-60-90-120 day late borrowers)? If so, any luck with these?

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Hi Ken 

Like you ,I had my cards designed and was mailing out to post Liz pendens home owners with absolutely no response whatsoever which included some door to door knocking .

I am in complete agreement with you as to the 30 day people .

Where do you purchase the pre NOD list ?

Love to hear from you 



Actually right now we are kicking tail on expiredes. I am taking at least one a week from this source. I like having several different sources, ala Tom Ferry, because over all you end up with a much more consistent flow of deals.

HI ken

I am starting to do the expireds also on a regular basis ..nothing so far 

Are you prospecting short sale expireds or regular sales .?

What type of dialogue are you using ?
Kindest regards


If I remember correctly, Tom Ferry and Mike Ferry are father son.  Is Tom out on his own now?  I am familiar with the Mike Ferry philosophy; is Tom's different?

By the way, I get 30,60, 90 day lates from Chris and Ben Curry out of Florida.  I haven't had alot of success thus far, it cost me about $50 per 100.  I have found an occasional lead will actually own their home free and clear.  So, the this list does have some errors in them.

HI ken 

Are you marketing short sale expired's or regular listings .

Are you mailing ,calling or door knocking .

Thanking in anticipation 




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