Has anyone tried working with pre-NOD lists (usually purchased from a company that sells 30-60-90-120 day late borrowers)? If so, any luck with these?

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Hello Jennifer, I am too interested in the postcard that you send to pre-NOD's. Could you plase send me a copy to annakhomes@yahoo.com. I really appreciate it.
Hi Jennifer! Could you kindly send me a copy of your postcard? I would love to see what's working for you. I plan on hitting the pavement and door knocking in the next few weeks. Thanks! sharon@sharontukay.com


Will the rates for us be the same as listed on their Website?




Where did you see the rate?  I went the website and couldn't find the rate.  Can you just send me that page I can see the rate?




I didn't see their rates, I was just asking what the Network would charge us.


Thank you for your reply.
Please remember, (from my experience), these people will grill you as to how you obtained their information. Get ready to have a thick skin. Again, from my experience, people under 90 days, still think that they don't have a problem.


You are right on the money. I've been grilled several times by homeowners who swore they've never missed a payment of any kind in their life.


I have been sending post cards for a couple of years now. After trying several of my own designs one day I just decided to give expresscopy.com's standard designs a try. They worked suprisingly well. I send out a series of three cards to people who are sixty day or more late. I found the thirty day lates to be in denial, refinance, or loan modification. The older lates have echausted more of their options and unrealistic hopes and are open to talking to a professional.
I really liked express copy.com since i can setup the series for mailing with the list in about five minutes the forget about it. They do not share their bulk rates with the customer and charge first class for all post cards even though many go bulk.
I look for a list of about 500 per month to send to. Right now I am experimenting with hitting the old lists two more times to see if the response is better. I sure wish their was a majic bullet!


That's interesting, I use express.com also, however, I make up my own design.  What are the contents of these "standard designs"?

Go to their design library under real estate, distressed property. They have several different designs.

Good info,

Thanks Ken!


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