Has anyone tried working with pre-NOD lists (usually purchased from a company that sells 30-60-90-120 day late borrowers)? If so, any luck with these?

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I have tried mailings without any luck. I used www.foreclosureradar.com for a list and got no responses.

Hi Craig I get my NOD lables from the title company for free. And I also do it the old fashion way on the tax list. Have you tryed foreclosureradar.com? That is a good one too.

Hope that helped.


Nancye Peatman

Hi Nancye,

Yes, I do use foreclosureradar.com for my NOD mailings, however I'm asking about PRE-NOD's, which are the missed payments reported on borrower's credit reports, but they have not had a NOD filed on them yet...

Have you tryed a contact at a major bank. I believe we just got some of those from Wells Fargo for Napa area. I believe they look who is trying to do a loan mod and has just missed payments. Good Luck.



I know agents who are using ShortSale-Leads.com with good success. They have better luck with older leads that are about to receive a NOD. Also, they are getting in the door to do a loan mod, which soon turns into a short sale.
I have in the past and I can't remember who I used to contact people. Just be aware, that they are going to yell, scream and threaten you with legal ramifications. At least that is what happened to me in the past. They will question where you recieved the information and will not be happy.  You'll have to have a tough skin.

Hi Craig,

I work with Pre-NODs in my area.  There aren't that many though so I only have a few hundred in each campaign.  I send one postcard a week for 8 weeks while also knocking on their doors between week 4 to week 6.  I've found that repetition is the key, and by time I get to their doorstep, they've already received 4-6 of my postcards. I get anywhere from 5-8 appointments and 3-4 listings from each campaign (and an extra listing here or there later on after their loan mod request is denied).  I use www.SynergyMS.net for my list.

Hi Jennifer - it seems you are getting a good result. If you'd be willing to share your what the post card looks like that you send out, that would be mush appreciated. Do you also work NOD's or just pre-NOD's?
Sure Craig!  What is your email address?  I didn't get much response from NODs, so now I only work with pre-NODs.
You can reach me at Craig@RealEstateCraig.com.  Thanks!
Jennifer can you please also e mail me zubaria@zubaria.com
Many thanks.

Hi Jennifer,


Hope you don't mind add one more person to your mail list.  Can you also send me your post card, please?   My email: kendrachui@gmail.com

How many post cards do you send out from each campaign?  Many many thanks.


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