I'm on the internet in a big way and I've noticed shifts in the way people search for short sale information. 


Anyone want to share their numbers, and strategies?


Me, I just blog about my experiences and record a video. 

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I've been using Google adwords in a big way lately. I'm painfully tweaking my squeeze page. My click through rates are running 3.97% from search, however  much lower on the display network. I feel I'm doing a great job driving the traffic, but the capture is not happening. Obviously, my squeeze page is not working. The content of the squeeze page does match the keywords I'm using. I've just today added some emotional benefits to it in hopes that will work.


Any suggestions for me on a squeeze page that someone is using and has had success with a solid capture rate? If I could achieve a 50% capture from the 3.97% CTR from Google, well that would make my day! Is that too aggressive? Any referral to a marketing company specializing in our industry and specifically, Short Sales would be welcomed. I don't really want an adwords management company. Thanks.

Post your site so we can review it with you.

James, you need MUCH more content.  When it comes to short sales, my experience is that home owners want an agent they are confident in who knows ALL about short sales and has done a zillion of them, and an agent who will truly care for their interests and needs.  Content, content and MORE content will accomplish much of this.  While just a local niche site, I launched www.JacksonvilleShortSale.com recently. Still needs some more organic SEO work, but I already dominate most of the 1st page of google locally with all of my other sites.  I don't do alot with display network search, especially nationally, but my local click through rate is 8%.  My ad is also VERY specific and has a quality score of 7 for most words. I also get more than 1/2 of my traffic organically for my local site.  It is expensive to pay all the time, add content and try to get high organically on the search engines.  Once you are up there and establish your site at the top, it is pretty easy to keep your site up there.


For my main local real estate site, www.FirstCoastRE.com, I am now on the 1st page ORGANICALLY for literally ANY real estate related term in my highly market of over 1,000,000 people and over 3,000 agents.  shows #1 for many search terms.  I proudly and boldly say say my site is #1, and only in a few short years.


Internet marketing is my thing, so if you ever want someone to bounce stuff off of, don't hesitate to ask.  I have over 50 sites up right now nationally, almost ALL related to short sales for the most part.

My experience also is that most home owners are already hunting around for a solution prior to even being late on payments, let alone receiving a notice of default.  Build a resource for home owners that they can go back to time and time again.  Throw them in a drip campaign, and when they are ready for help, they know who to turn to.  I have MANY other resources and stuff that we give to home owners over the internet that I can share with you as well.  Some are on our national site, www.Short-Sale-Specialists.com, such as financial worksheets, Q and A sheets, Foreclosure VS Short Sale Comparison, HAFA info, ect...


Will gladly share stuff, ALL are available and editable for preferred partners or official members of SSSN as well.




Thank you so much for the information. As it turns out I received a call from my direct mailing (Turned into Listing) and a lead capture (turned listing) from my website TODAY! I see where you’re going with the webpages and I appreciate the info. Who do you use for your website/squeeze pages? I really can't do this all myself. I guess I'm missing something because I don't recall the details your referring to. Do I have the wrong membership?



Mike and Josh,

I just launched a site that is much more rich in content then the http://libertyfirstrealty.com/ss site I previously provided to you. I am now using http://portland-shortsale.com and I hope it will bring much more lead capture my way. I would very much appreciate what you and Josh think. I've set up my Google Adwords and so far I'm having good CTR's but lead capture is zero. Ouch! I really need help here, I feel my ads are specific to the landing pages but wow, I'm struggling. I've been mailing post cards to NOD's and I bought a 60-90 day late list and have mailed 2 rounds to them as well.


I've picked up two listings in the last month but I am far from achieving my goal, one was from Google and the other a referral. Something out there has got to work consistently, I just haven't found it. Any suggestions?


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