Does anyone have success or examples of direct mail offerrings that are working?

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I have a letter w/enclosure that I send to all of the NOD recipients each week. The list comes from First American Title and the enclosure comes from the Oregon Association of Realtors (other state associations should have something similar). Those letters yield pretty good results, and then those leads refer me to friends and acquaintances who may not be that far into the foreclosure process, which is even better.

Care to post your numbers?


Is it 30 letters, 3 listings, 100 letters, 1 listing, etc?

For me, I'd estimate so far it's been around 1,000-1,200 letters mailed to NOD's which has only resulted in two listings. One thing I have not done is to send a second follow-up letter, which might increase the response rate. 


I also sent around 700 generic postcards to a farm area (not targeting NOD's) and I did not get any response from those, but again, it was only a one-time mailing.


The question is, if you did it once for 2 listings.  Would you do it again?  What's the ROI?

Well, I am continuing to do it on an ongoing weekly basis, since I feel the ROI was worth it. One of the short sale listings from the mailings closed and the other is currently for sale.


Since I know I'm competing with other Realtors who are sending letters to the same people I'm sending to, I've been thinking about maybe buying pre-NOD lists of people who are 30-60-90 days behind, to try and reach out to them before the NOD has been filed.


Not sure how the ROI would be for those though...

I really want to shake your hand. Same case here. Keeep working, be positive.

Can you send me the letter

Thank You

I too send a letter with two enclosures that I get from the California Association of Realtors (one called "Alternatives to Forclosure" and the other called "Foreclosure Prevention Resources"). I get the NOD's from I don't get as good results as I'd like, however, so would be curious to see what you are sending Nancy and the content of your letter.
I'm getting approximately 1 response to every 30 letters. I believe I've sent 147 letters so far in total. 2 listings to date with 3 more in the works. Occasionally, I simply assist a homeowner who really  needs to do a loan mod. The better return is from the referrals to these folks' friends/family as the referrals have an 80% success rate. If someone wants a copy of the letter, I'll be glad to provide it. My contact is
Can you please send me a copy. I spoke to you last week and you had snow in your town. Today is our town turn"............

Hi Nancy,


Can you please send me that letter too?  My email address:  I am in California Los Angeles County.  I didn't do any marketing.  All my short sales are from referrals but serious thinking to do marketing now if I want close more transactions.  Thank you very much. 

Did any one get a copy of the letter? If so would you mind sending it to me, I work in the Lousiville KY Market and looking for a good letter to send to the NODs here.

Thanks so much~


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