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Cruise cabins are booked based on double occupancy.  While some can foot the bill to pay for TWO cruise tickets, many agents need to be paired up with somebody to share a cabin with!

On this page, let us know if you need us to pair you up with somebody, and we will do our best to find a suitable match for you to share a cabin with! Just join this group and post on the discussion here!

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I'll be the first to jump in here!  Need to share a cabin. Have alergies.

Hey Sharon!

Just sent you a message asking if you were going!  

I have not yet talked to Jim in great detail about the possibilities of him going w/ me but if he doesn't want to take the boys out of school and bring them along, I would need a cabin mate as well!  In addition, I promise to not spray perfume in the cabin at 3:00am under any circumstance!!!!  :-) 

@Mike   ....Think we can top last year's cruise?   What a blast!!!!



I want to go but have to have a cabin mate. I've got acid reflux under control - Thanks to Nexium Great Purple Pill! Love to room with you!

Lets get you ladies booked! We WILL top last years event, without a doubt!!

Sharon is allergic to annoying people who wouldn't be fun to share a cabin with!!


I don't know if I have a roomie or not. Still waiting to see...

Yes, you have a roomie! I signed up for the symposium w/ JP today. YEAH!!!! Jim has decided to stay back w/ the boys so guess it's you and me kiddo! I have an idea for the room category- Can I call you tmrw or Wed to discuss so I can get our cabin booked? Remember, I used to do this for a living so it's not a big deal for me to do all the work!... Can't wait!!!! JP says they are expecting double the attendees this time around! ...Debbie Parkans from AZ also sent me a msg that she is booked for the symposium too, although I'm not sure who she's rooming with-???

Hmmmm?...Deb, who are you rooming with?




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