I left Titanium over a year ago. After going through an assignment, I was asked by the owner to list it as a short sale. I informed Titanium, asked for the BPO to be forwarded to the lender and sought an approved listing price. In a phone call with Titanium's short sale office, I was told that Titanium wouldn't and couldn't do anything to help me or the homeowner. After hearing that, I deceide to leave them. What's the point of paying them a referral fee if I get no assistance from them in pricing the property?


Very frustrating to work with them and not very lucrative.

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Same experience - and I got tired of getting a clients hope up that Titanium could help and then find out they didn't help at all.  It was completely up to me to try and help them.
I have a similar situation right now. Titanium sent me over to see if the homeowner wants to accept a mod from ACS or if they want to list. I think the owner wants to list and is getting back to me this week. If I actually get the listing, are you saying there will be no support from them yet they want their referral fee?
i have to say isn't the point that they gave you the lead?  that is why it is called a referal fee not a negiation fee. just a thought... although i also am in a position where i allowed them to negotiate the deal and am now frusterated at their lack of help.


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