I am a buyers agent.


I have worked with equator as a sellers agent before. Now I am representing a buyer.


I submitted an offer on a Bank of America loan REO that is owned by Bank of New York Mellon but the Mortgage is assigned to the Bank of America as a loan service as it has been explained to me.


I know how complicated the system is (or at least how I found it to be)so I asked the list agent for a copy of the equator work sheets, after my offers were submitted, he provided them to me, where I found out each time:


1. The closing date was wrong (he put the closing date in 2012) over a year away when we asked for 30 days or less.

2. The buyers names were wrong

3. The percent down on contract was wrong

4. The amount in escrow was wrong

5. My email and phone numbers were wrong...

6. The buyers address was wrong.


In other words each offer was set up to fail horribly from the beginning regardless of the price and was not even close to the offer I originally submitted.


I asked him to correct it 3 times. I honestly asked him at first if he needed glasses! I have in black and white my submitted offers by fax and pdf email...Everything is typed and clear and easy to read. The only hand written part is the buyers signature.


At this point it's not about getting anyone in trouble. ALL I WANT IS MY BUYERS OFFERS SUBMITTED CORRECTLY. Who can I contact to help correct or resubmit the offers?


The list agent became irate with me today. Screaming at me to stop bothering him and at one point said "Do you know who I am?". I said "yeah the guy who can't put an offer in correctly." He admitted that each offer contained errors but had no explanation other than "yes that was an input error and that too and yes we made an input error with the % down also"! So I have the work sheets he faxed me proving that all the information except about 2 items was incorrect. In fact I'm wondering why he even sent them to me because it only proves that to this date not a single offer from my buyer has been correctly presented.


 I called equator who suggested I talk to the bank of america and gave me the loan # and bank of America's number. Then I called Bank of America and asked them to help me out and asked how I can get the offer properly submitted.

They told me the only the list agent can submit it. They suggested I contact the list agent and ask him to correct it. I've done that 3 times. So now what?


Now without questioning his motives or making ANY suggestions...the fact is  he is apparently incapable of submitting the offer correctly. He is the principle broker of his office and I have exhausted all attempts to contact him and ask him to correct his actions. It's obvious he is not capable after three attempts to submit the correct information.


WHO can I contact to help me besides an attorney at this point? Again, I just want the offer submitted correctly I do not want to be in this position. I do not want to contact an attorney.  Of course the buyer is rearing to go but I really hate to bring things to that point.

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you can go no further.  Tell him to turn over the equator log in so you can do it correctly, or terminate the offer.  It will never close anyway.


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