Hello, I signed up with REOTrans last Summer as a basic member. At the time, they didn't have the certified status'. Now I've learned that if you become certified, your profile will be viewed first by lenders.

Is anyone certified with REOTrans/Equator? If so, what level and have you seen an increase in your business because of this?

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Tamara, please keep us up to date on what you find - seems like this cert thing in equator is a bust, but maybe you have the key?
I have two words to say about the certification... RIP OFF! I have past REO experience, I paid for the certification and received nothing. I was signed up for about 30 zip codes. The BPO thing is a waste of time, it takes about 30 seconds for the BPO to be claimed. They are impossible to get.

I upgraded. Got nothing. Just a come on. When I have a seller input me as the realtor, the system always says Equator sent me the lead. Yeah, right. Worthless.

This is from the mouth of a former Asset Mgr - certifications, designations, etc do not help - experience does.

In my market, asset managers respond to cash, women, and sports tickets.

Very cute. What if the asset manager is a woman??   Hummmmm...... cash, "men"  and sports tickets??? Why did I even bother responding to this line of garbage!!!
Paid one time fee of $500 and $15.30 a month for the past 24 months. I've received ONE REO.........for $55,000..........I'm ahead by $132.80 as of today.

EQ REVOLUTION basic is now upon us, so more changes coming.


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