Recently (last week) I was contacted by 4 agents who had either had approvals from BofA or Counter Offers - and all submitted the necessary documents/tasks. Only to get a declined notice a couple of days later for not responding in a timely fashion "file closed". I didn't know what to make of it and nearly blamed the agents - until it happened to me no more than 2 days later. No matter how I argued this issue and explained and debated, the answer was"sorry, but the file is closed and you have to resubmit - we can't help it if there is a technical difficulty. My file was a counter - I uploaded and submitted a counter to the counter.

And my file has a NOS scheduled for October 7th.

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Plenty of times, someone at BOA will incorrectly deny a file - that is real life at BOA.  Also, only 1 time in over 2 years did someone resurrect a file for me and I'm pretty sure it was beyond a heroic effort by a rebel at BOA and I will never see such a thing again.  Those parts are the norm for BOA - no fixes, resubmit regardless of what heinous thing BOA did and may even admit to.

There is a fair amount of responsible action taken by the "chat" support on Equator.  I have explained things to those reps logically and received understanding.  I have also gotten straight answers from them.  I would definitely get on there and tell them what happened and ask about the reason.  It would surprise me if they didn't tell you that they have an issue if they really do.

You might have to call in a couple of times to get to the notes which you do not see in Equator - most BOA SS reps will be happy to go through the notes and tell you what they say.  Tell them what happened and ask what they have for notes.

One or the other or both of these avenues should tell you what really happened.  If not, I would guess it is because of not calmly straight forward discussing and asking - they have been that reliable for me.

After going through the problem with the SS rep, assuming that he has acknowledged that you got zapped, bring up the NOS and ask this rep to go to the escalation team to correct the delay which is wrongfully jeopardizing the seller's future.  This escalation team is there for weird issues.  If you draw a blank with this rep, call in again and try that rep.  I don't often get 2 bad SS reps in a row.

You may also fill out John Ciresi's form and send it to him - don't blindside him - if the rep sent it to this team, tell him so.  Also, be specific in what you want so he has a better shot of getting it for you.

If you don't feel you have adequate assurance (you never want to "over" trust BOA to do the right thing), call the office of the president and explain the situation you are in - they are more politically/overall savvy.

A last ditch, if you find yourself up against the wall and Oct 7 is right in your face, call the attorney doing the sale.  Explain what has happened.  Surprisingly often, to me at least, they will be nice and "quietly" postpone the sale until next time.  Yes, really.


Oh, and I have never used it, it is simply a hook into regular customer service, but others here say that they get response by tweeting bofa_help.  It will at least get a call back to you.

good luck!

this is truly helpful and much appreciated. I agree with the Presidents office - got one file denied for an erroneous arms length issue - and it got resolved within days.

Thank you


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