I just had a disturbing talk with Ronnie Harris that everyone needs to know about.

Equator assigned my short sale request to him on July 18th. Equator send me emails

asking for the authorization, offer etc and then send an email telling me the appraisal

was ordered on July 24th. An appraiser has never called me or the homeowner.

I tracked down Mr Harris today by phone when he continued to not respond to my emails

of concern and the Aug 4th auction date.

Mr Harris is a contract underwriter for REDC who handles the HAFA shortsale requests

and he says he gets frantic calls by agents everyday.

It seems that he is on the rotation in Equator and gets assigned traditional short

sales every day which he is unaware of until an agent gets a hold of him. BofA literally

assigns him files everyday that will not be worked on. Also, although Equator says

the appraisal was ordered, it wasn't.


If you have this man assigned to you and he's not returning your emails, try to call

him @ 469-287-7730. If he doesn't return the call, phone REDC @ 877-579-6652

and ask to talk to him as that is where his desk is.


Many of us are frustrated by non communication with negotiators and I wonder

how many of us have Mr Harris assigned to them.  Do any of you have him assigned as your negotiator?

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Thanks so much for this. 


We've been waiting and calling about getting a negotiator assigned to our file.  We just got an email from Nathan Feder, saying he has been assigned as the negotiator to our HAFA file and that, due to an issue in Equator, he will not show up as the negotiator on file so he will not be notified if we send him a message in Equator. Until this is fixed he asked us to email him directly.


Frikkin' BoA, Frikkin' Equator.

Equator is just a horrible company to deal with. I submit forms they reject them. I resubmit them, they accept them.  Then they ask for docs I have already submitted. It takes them so god awful long that then I am asked to "update" everything!


Horrible Horrible 

The tool Equator certainly has problems - poorly supported, however, I think you are yelling at the shotgun that someone is holding on you instead of the holder of the gun.  Equator can be intelligently used and GMAC, for instance, does not buy into Equator running things as a program.  But I mostly deal with the biggest devil of them all - BOA, and they abuse Equator plenty.  BOA is best at pointing fingers - it is UTLS or LRC or AMS.  They don't say much about Equator, but they use it as an excuse like, "we had to deny the file because the problem couldn't be fixed".  I've had them rip a file out of HAFA underwriting and screw them into a regular short sale like that makes sense, because they fixed some bad status in Equator.


So, when you blame Equator for pinheads not doing their job, well, the new Equator from March did, indeed, create MANY problems, but the majority of issues has nothing to do with Equator - it is used as an excuse.


Equator does NOT reject things - they won't even take responsibility for the forms.  All done by the bank.  If your sales agreement was rejected, it was the bank that did that, not Equator.


I have been having MAJOR problems with BOA from all angles since the time of the new Equator.  Today I heard of a company that gave up on short sales and shut down.  BOA is the biggest, FNMA is the biggest.  One or the other or both sure make it look like they are destroying good deals all over the place right now.  It tain't Equator.


I think you are focusing on the wrong target.  It is the bank people doing these things (except for some stupid stuff like Equator barfs if you give it a .GIF file, etc.).

I have repeatedly called the negotiator for Wells Fargo and never once have I had a return call. I called the M.I. company( Radian) and explained what I have been going through to re-submit this file. It had previously been an "OK" from the M.I. company "IF" my client agreed to a unsecured note.  My client took 1 week to come to terms with this request for the note.  Wells "PURGED" the file and told me to start all over again.

I have tried since MARCH. New docs, new letters, new this and new that. If it truly is Wells Fargo making the decisions with accepting documents and not the Equator system, then why did I get this from the generic negotiator..her statement...( I will continue to reject the file until an updated hardship letter is received)????? Not from Wells, from the Equator system negotiator.. BTW..the hardship letter was dated 5/16...

There is NO Equator negotiator.  Think of Equator as a website.  It isn't the website writing this reply to you, it is me.  If you contact Equator people (In some cases, I've had Equator people fix problems with BOA's use of Equator while I was unable to get BOA to address their own problems!), they will tell you that they are just the system.  Complain about the stupid Offer form for BOA or the financial form for NSM, EQ people will tell you that they are developed by the bank and EQ has no control over them.

EQ does not have negotiators - the bank has negotiators.  Assuming that the messages you receive are not of the "from generic" or mystical names (accountability is an issue with EQ), you have the name/email address of the person who rejected your docs.  If you call WF, you will find that this person is employed by WF, not EQ.  EQ is just a transport.  (If you get one of those pinhead generic messages or just some name, WF can see more detail on their side of the Equator to chase down who this person is - usually.)


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