I have subscribed to several lead services in the past ten years some have been good, some okay, and some just down right terrible.  I joined the network a while ago but I was not a preferred partner.  I became a preferred partner this year and Wow! I have gotten two leads within a few weeks of each other and both are my listings and one already has a contract.  It is truly great, when I call the homeowners my calls are welcome they are happy to speak to me.  the prescreening is wonderful it sets the foundation for our presentation and 50% of the work is already done.  If you are not a preferred partner then you are not IN!

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Congratulations, Phills!

I've been a preferred partner for several months and have received no leads yet.  What is your secret?  I have been able to successfully negotiate several HAFA and traditional cases in the meantime and know I would do a good job with prequalified leads like you have described.  One of my cases paid a total commission of over $30,000.


Your suggestions will be valued.


John Bonnett, CDPE

Wooow !  John,  you are the bomb.  How did you get total commission of over $30K.  Is that a million house?

Thanks for the praise Philis!  Pre-sreening and qualifying the borrower and setting the expectations before assigning them is the key to our success.  Keep being productive as you are and you will get MANY from us as we continue to grow rapidly this year. 


John, I asked April Miklas, our operations coordinator who assigns everything out about this.  She mentioned that you only service Lake County and we just haven't had anything over there lately.  She did say that we DO get them in Lake County however on a pretty consistent basis, so they will start flowing in without a doubt.  In some areas, as odd as it is, they come in "waves", where we will have a dry spell for some time, and then have several in a short period of time.  Either way, as we launch our servicer directed outreach program the assignments will go up 3-5 times withing a month period that will start in May and June. 


Thank you both for your hard work and contributions to the SSSN and our forum!

Thanks for your note of explanation, Mike.

I'm sure there will be some quality leads coming through from your team soon.  Meanwhile, we are testing a direct mail campaign based on names that are not yet public, but are 60 days delinquent with their mortgage payments.  For the more sensitive ones we have established a hotline that outlines our services and user benefits.  They won't have to reveal their identity with this first 'baby' step.  Others may choose to visit our website; www.AvoidForeclosureWith.Us.

We'll keep you apprised of our results.

Thanks again.

John B

Hi John, may I ask where to purchase 60 days delinquent with their mortgage payment?  Is it worth your money? I did some search before and it comes those 60 days delinquent leads are pretty pricy almost $1.00 per lead.  I am in California.  Thanks.
.18 cents each, cherry pick what you like from Corelogic.
I totally agree, this has been a boost to my career. I love this place.

I agree.  I recently joined as a Preferred Partner and have already received my first lead.  Unfortunately, the lead was highly skeptical because of a bad experience he had with an agent he met through another online organization so SSSN wasn't able to qualify him like they usually would.  I did contact him and he was still so reluctant that he would not schedule an appointment with me.  I managed to get his e-mail and sent him the SSSN link along with contact info for references but he listed with someone he either knew or was referred to.  Even though that lead didn't work out, I see the value in the program and also see value in SSSN establishing the upfront rapport so they welcome your call.


I look forward to my next lead and a long-term relationship with SSSN.  I also look forward to getting to know more of the members thoughout the country so that referrals can be handed off when the need arises.


Make it a great day!  


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