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Here are a few testimonials that we have gathered!
Preferred Partner Membership Testimonials

Dawn Maloney
Dawn Maloney
Re/Max Commitment

"They always send me excellent leads, well qualified and ready to go. I am closing two more deals in April from listings they sent my way. And they even sent me my first million dollar listing...so when I tell you the leads are good...THE LEADS ARE GOOD! If you do short sales, if I were you I would contact them right away. You will be very glad you did."

Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis
Keller Williams Realty

"I've worked with internet lead companies for over 8 years. We have a 90% lead to listing ratio with these leads and closing them is up us. If you know how to close short sales, you have no excuse not be a part of this network."

Guillermo Coronado
Guillermo Coronado
Coronado Home Selling Team

"The Short Sale Specialist Network has helped me double my business the past year. If you are serious about building your short sale business the Short Sale Specialist Network will be the best gift you will ever receive."

Debbie Parkans
Debbie Parkans
Re/Max Integrity Realtors

"The Short Sale Specialist Network is awesome to work with. Probably 75% of the leads that I have gotten have turned into listings. I currently have 8 listings, 3 of them under contract that came directly from them. The best thing is that I don’t have to pay for them unless they close."

Betsy Verrico.jpg
Betsy Verrico
Home Style Realty

"The referrals I have received from the Short Sale Specialist Network are all pre-qualified. When I meet with the sellers they are ready to list the house. I have closed SEVEN short sale transactions from the referrals I have received from the Short Sale Specialist Network. I currently have 21 homes listed for short sale."

Susan Story
Susan Story
Prudential Texas Properties

"The Short Sale Network has always been very professional and organized to deal with. I have ended up listing many of the leads homes. I would recommend this network to anyone looking to expand their short sale business."

Brenda Rogers

Brenda Rogers
Coldwell Banker Apex

"I am proud to be a member of The Short Sale Specialist Network. This group does an amazing job of screening their leads to the point that it is a 99.9% certainty that the homeowner is ready to list by the time you have their contact information. Their commitment to quality and integrity is outstanding. Since these qualities are imperative for me to consider being associated with anything, and hard
to find these days, I feel extremely fortunate to have formed this alliance."

Video Testimonials for our Short Sale Lead Machine Program
Testimonials for Mike Linkenauger,
Director of Operations for The Short Sale Specialist Network

  • Ned Stock
    Ned Real Estate Pro

    Mike Linkenauger and his company are fabulous. They know their stuff when it comes to Short-Sales. They have established a network of agents that is 2nd to none.

  • Sheyenne Schultz
    Sheyenne Real Estate Pro

    Mike's company has been awesome! I have received short sales referred to me by them. And I have successly helped each referral negotiate and CLOSE the short sales I've listed thanks to them. The people they referred me were real time homeowners who really needed help with a short sale and had not clue as to who to turn to. Thanks to Mike's referral of them to me, I was able to save them from foreclosure. Thanks Mike! Looking to help many more people from you who need my help. Shy:) 310-429-4170 shy@shysells.com www.shysells.com Real Estate Network Group Torrance, Ca 90505

  • Lehel Szucs
    Lehel Real Estate Pro

    Mike and his team are great at matching knowledgeable Realtors with homeowners that need help.

  • Joe Robaina
    Joe Real Estate Pro

    Mr. Linkenauger and his team have been extremely helpful in the growth of my short sales business in Miami.

  • Mellissa Young Ramirez
    Mellissa Real Estate Pro

    Responsve, Reliable, Considerate, Knowledgable, Optimistic, Creative, Resourceful, Thoughful, Dedicated and Experienced.

  • Ilene Crites
    Ilene Real Estate Pro

    It takes an agent with compassion to work through a short sale listing for a seller. Mike can listen and walk you through the process. Mike will be a guest speaker on the coming crusie. Teach us Mike.

  • Kim Lucido-Mccabe
    Kim Real Estate Pro

    I recommend that you let the Short Sale Network help you through the process of a short sale. Kim Lucido-McCabe CRS,SFR

  • Nan Skinner
    Nan Real Estate Pro

    Mike has helped many agents/brokers understand and work in the short sale market, including me. He provides good leads and expert advice. I highly recommend working with Mike.

  • Ann Motz
    Ann Real Estate Pro

    I recommend Mike Linkenauger and Short Sale Speacialist because I have good results working with them.

  • Scott Ticknor
    Scott Real Estate Pro

    Mike Linkenauger Is a great resource to Short-Sale information and I value his expertise!!!

  • Steve Daria
    Steve Real Estate Pro

    Mike Linkenauger to date is probably one of the most influential people in short sales. He has provided not only continual education, support, meetings and trainings but also the opportunity to worldwide exposure to other agents with the ultimate goal in helping people to avoid foreclosure by means of short sale. And for that... Thank you Mike!! Steve R. Daria - Founder / Broker - MAXIM LLC - www.MaximRealtors.com

  • Nancy Prisco-Fraser
    Nancy Real Estate Pro

    Mike is a great team leader with a compassion to help people and who has a world of knowledge and experience in the Short Sale Industry. I am honored to be a part of his team.

  • Jason Halliday
    Jason Real Estate Pro

    Mike Linkenauger is one of the leading real estate professionals in his industry. He is dedicated on a national level to furthering the foreclosure and short sale process in an attempt to benefit all parties inclusive of the seller, buyer, servicer of the mortgage and the investor/mortgage insurance companies. He has created a network of individuals known as the Short Sale Specialist Network to help educate and enhance the short sale process to real estate agents. He should always be on your short list.

  • Michelle A Hvasta-Leekam
    Michelle Real Estate Pro

    It is always good to have an Expert on your side and Mike has made it his mission to be the expert. He will not steer you wrong.

  • Nathan Wolf
    Nathan Real Estate Pro

    The Federal Government as well as local States have specific laws governing Short Sales and Foreclosures. It has become important for there to be oversight into these processes to protect consumers and the public. Having skilled and knowledgeable advocates to help navigate this process is increasingly necessary. Mike Linkenauger is a strong and knowledgeable advocate.

  • Felecia Fair
    Felecia Real Estate Pro

    The Short Sale Specialist Network, has been invaluable in uncovering homeowners in need of a professional to help them understand their options. The Foreclosure Real Estate agent will coach, and consult the homeowner thru the short sale process.

  • Marlene Ritzman
    Marlene Real Estate Pro

    If your doing short sales you need to be aware of this sight. You will get the right answers to all your questions.

  • Ana Coronel Huffer
    Ana Real Estate Pro

    Love working with Mike! He really works hard to make sure he delivers what he promises. I've worked with him and his group for over a year and have had great results! Thanks Mike!

  • Steve Matthews
    Steve Real Estate Pro

    I got 2 referrals the first day iI joined. Since then, I have received more referrals and have closed them all. Mike gets the leads that get results.

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Real Estate Pro

    Mike runs the only true short sale referral program. I do not believe in the other short sale organization. I highly recommend Mike and his program.

  • Debbie Franklyn
    Debbie Real Estate Pro

    Thank you Mike for being there when I needed advice. You are definitely a real estate expert in your field, and thanks to you, I am an expert also. Great networking partner!!

  • Peggie Herron Simmons
    Peggie Herron Real Estate Pro

    Mike is a Leading Expert in the Short Sale Industry. Would Recommend him for Any Industry updates.

  • Cynthia McKenna
    Cynthia Real Estate Pro

    Mike is a consumate professional that has put together a network of associates that know what they are doing when it comes to short sales. His thought and direction is used daily by those in the network. If anyone has a question about short sales, Mike's network is THE place to go for answers, whether you are a troubled homeowner, an agent, or a bank that needs a network to find great agents!

  • Gerard Scheffler
    Gerard Real Estate Pro

    Mike is very knowledgeable real estate agent, especially on a short sale transactions.

  • Gregory E. Rayford
    Gregory Real Estate Pro

    This organization serves a greay purpose in the Short-Sale arena for Agents and Brokers. I enjoy all the useful information and blogs. I would receommend this Media oultet to all

  • Becky R Engel
    Becky Real Estate Pro

    Mike, your expertise has been very helpful to me. Thanks for all you have shared.

  • Mannie Makhathini
    Mannie Real Estate Pro

    Mike runs a well educated group of Real Estate professionals who are well versed in the short sale industry. Being in Mike's network of short sale specialist has helped me grow my knowledge and short sale business.. I would recommend short sale specialist to anyone who handles short sales.

  • Debbie Tuttle
    Debbie Real Estate Pro

    I know Mike through our Short Sale Specialist Network as a valued RE resource that he shares through his online commentary and presence!

  • Sherri Campo Elliott
    Sherri Real Estate Pro

    Great REALTOR. Professional Company for referrals. Knows short sales and great lead generation.

  • Jim Serino
    Jim Real Estate Pro

    Mike and his company are extremely knowledable and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with a shortsale.

  • Jan Baron
    Jan Real Estate Pro

    Mike has helped me out more than once. He is quick to share his expertise and knowledge about the short sale market. He has my recommendation.

  • Celeste Knippen ODea
    Celeste Real Estate Pro

    Very professional, honest, and ethical. He is experienced and knowledgeable in his field, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to others. We have worked several referrals for Mike in our area, and will continue to build on that relationship.

  • Michael Richert
    Michael Real Estate Pro

    I enjoy the articles and the resources.

  • Chris B Johnson
    Chris Real Estate Pro

    Mike has an in-depth knowledge of the short sale process and knows how to negotiate for a successful conclusion. He is honest, ethical and has the tenacity to see each client through this long and sometimes tedious process. When I need advice, Mike and his associates are the ones I turn to.

  • Sean K. Langston
    Sean Real Estate Pro

    Great organization! If you need shortsale help or have questions they are a great resource.

  • Judy-May Russell
    Judy-May Real Estate Pro

    If you need to get out of your home and are upside down call him to help you get through the process. Always hire a professional!

  • Jean-Jacques Dege
    Jean-Jacques Real Estate Pro

    Nothing short of outstanding the way they handle themselves. Communication and information with a solution at our finger tip.

  • Vivian Aldana
    Vivian Real Estate Pro

    Expert in his field, great understanding of the Short Sale process and what it takes to get to the closing table therefore avoiding foreclosure.

  • Tami Simard
    Tami Real Estate Pro

    I would highly recommend him, honest, trustworthy, excellent business ethics, which is hard to find today.

  • Peter C Rundel
    Peter Real Estate Pro

    This guy is good - will help you with whatever quesitons you might have on real estate - especially on short sales. Highly recommended. Pete

  • Jennifer Escobar
    Jennifer Real Estate Pro

    Very knowledgeable about today's distressed market. Has answer to all the questions...great person to share ideas and issues with on short sale transactions. I've done business with Mike and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Patti Lyles
    Patti Real Estate Pro

    I sing his praise to all that will listen!

  • Tracey Richardson Williams
    Tracey Real Estate Pro

    Mike provides phenomenal information to those of us navigating our way through this world of short sales. He is a key player in the industry and I admire his expertise. Mike comes highly recommended!

  • Marcy Radler Moyer
    Marcy Real Estate Pro

    Mike works harder than anyone else to help prevent foreclosures.

  • Laura Francis
    Laura Real Estate Pro

    I highly recommend this gentleman as he knows his stuff!

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Replies to This Discussion

Since joining the SSSN about a month ago, I have received 2 leads. Both were from extremely qualified sellers and very motivated. Within a few days of each I was able to secure a listing agreement and we are already marketing them. Thank you!
The leads that come from the SSS DO close! I have 2 to 3 under contract right now and have closed several. Most are in my OWN backyard. I really appreciate the relationship I have with them. Keep em' coming!!
i've had 4 successful closings with The Short Sale Specialist Network and currently working on 6 more short sales provided by the short sale specialist network. 1 word - Branding. It's a big asset to be part of The Short Sale Specialist Network.
Joined May 3 already have 2 listings LOL
It is great to be a part of the Short Sale Network. The people are real and the communication is responsive.
I will be closing my first deal from them within two weeks. Thank you!
I have been with the SSSN for some time now, and it is a Great Group the referrals are REAL ... :-). I currently have 8 listings from here, 3 are closing withing the next few weeks. I just got an offer on another listing and have 1 buyer under contract closing in a few months (septic issue)( and working with another buyer.

Thanks, Mike, Andrew, April &n JP..
Awesome people to work with! I love the discussions and groups...you can learn and teach at the same time! I have many active, pending and closed short sale listings...most due to Short Sale Specialist Network! Thank you for your confidence!
I signed up with SSSN the other day and today got a qualified lead! I am so excited to be working with SSSN and can't wait for more leads in the future!
Welcome Everybody,
I have just joined Preferred Partners and wanted to introduce myself.
It is refreshing to read such wonderful testimonials. I hope for a long and successful cooperation with the SSSN!
Thank you!
Mike, April, Andrew, and J.P. are the BEST!! The Short Sale Specialist Network has been a great resource for my short sale business. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! You guys have an extraordinary organization.
Share with them how much business we've sent you guys this year! I know April, JP and Andrew send you guys LOTS!
I joined the SSN about one month ago and yesterday, I got my 1st lead. I met with the sellers today and listed the property. Now I will begin my marketing to sell the home quickly. The sellers were very qualified and motivated
WOW this is exciting! Thank you April and the SSN team!


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