I just received a new listing today with PNC as the bank.Looking for tips, suggestions for a smooth transaction. Do they have their own short sale package? If so, does anyone know of a link I can go to?

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I would give them a call. Just closed one last month. It was originally submitted in January, but it was buyers walking, not PNC that caused the delay. I found them very responsive and easy to deal with. We actually submitted all of the paperwork up front and were given a negotiator to work with. When we got an offer, we just sent in the offer and HUD and she let us know if she needed any updates. Stayed with the same negotiator the whole time and she was great. I think it will also depend on the investor. I kept in touch with her, let her know activity and it went well.
Good to hear positive response, especially when there is so much negativity out there. Thanks for your feedback.
Phone number 800-822-5626.
Authorization fax # 1-937-910-3333
Packet fax # 1-937-910-4009

I don't think they have a special package. My suggestion is that you find out who the investor is. My negotiator wouldn't tell me. My seller called the 800# and they told her.

Is it the only bank you're dealing with?
Thank you for the phone numbers. There is only one loan and it is with PNC. I will have my Seller call and see if they can get the name.
Here is their package, but you may still want to call them or have the homeowner call and request it, because alot of times lenders will change stuff, but this is about 6 months old, so you should be able to use it. If you need anything else, let meknow.

Thanks, Jake
Thanks Jake for the heads up on it.
No problem. Good luck, and let me know if you need anything else.
Hey remember me telling you lenders change packages. Well, I just got the newest shortsale package for PNC. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Jake
Yes, PNC has a short sale package that must be filled out. They will fax it to you once you submit the short sale packet (this is especially true of PNC HELOCs).
The direct number to their loss mit department is 937-910-3548
Anyone have a PNC Bank Short Sale Package that they can add to the site or send to me?
Were you able to close this short sale???  I am doing one with PNC 1st and SLS 2nd...nightmare.  Anything you can share would be appreciated.


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