I am too mad to write coherently. I have been working on a  Hafa short sale since Jun 2012. I keep getting the run around. I was told by someone in India that we had approval but they couldn't resend the approval for 7-10 business day. I asked for supervisor, they said that it would take 24-48 hours for a supervisor to call me. I asked again March 6th. And yesterday, Today after 43 minutes on hold I got put into vm.

I need someone in the states that has some balls to get things done. 

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Did you get the pm I sent you?

Yes, I did. I am just about to email them. I have been on the phone/email all day with just this file. I found a contact at HAFA and just sent over a escalation form to them.  Any other pointers or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Ocwen has so pissed me off. Everyone speaks queen's english and no one know what the right hand is doing. No single point of contact has been assigned. They are so full of bs

It has been a little while since I had a SS with Ocwen but here is a contact that was helpful in the past:

Kathy Robinson – Manager of SS (India reports to her) Phone: 561-682-8395 kathleen.robinson@ocwen.com

Ocwen's Ombudsman is a consumer advocate, they'll work with you to get issues resolved.   I would call and email them: Ombudsman@ocwen.com    Phone: 800-390-4656.  Good Luck!

Hi Janice  I deal with OCWEN all the time as I assist agents with short sale issues  I am doing a little study.  How many hours have you put in to this 1 short sale

Tony Morales

TM Short Sales Consulting

On this short sale, with direct contact with Ocwen I would say in excess of 60 hours. This property also has second I am going to  say 20 hours with the second. That is NationStar (but bofa owned prior to selling to Nationstar).

Wow!...  and I am assuming you have more hours to go?.....You really need to contact me



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