I am currently dealing with a short sale with Metlife.  I have been working with Esther Santana.  I am only her 3rd file.  I have to say she was extremely pleasant on the phone, but I have been waiting for her to call me back now for over a week.  I was told that my client's contract was not reviewed by the investor and that is was too big of a risk for resale. They were going to decline the short sale based on the financial information that was provided.  I have to be clear that by no means are clients making a SERIOUS amount of money.  They are doing well enough and this IS a rental property, but it is totally underwater.  I have never had someone NOT EVEN look at the contract nor give me a counter or ask for the seller for a promisorry note.  How do they even know what they would make back if they didn't look at the contract.  Not to mention it  took me over 6 weeks for them to even recieve my credit authorization to speak on the account and once it was recieved they said that I needed to resend the financials.  Fine... but seriously, the communication is terrible.  Esther has said she would try to get me some additional phone numbers, but I am waiting and my clients are trying to decide if they should do an internal loan mod and I am in a situation where obviously the buyer needs to be informed what the next step is.  I am trying to just get a counter..... but no on will call me.  RIDICULOUS.  I would advise all of my clients to never give their business to Metlife.... THEY ARE AWFUL and clearly don't care about their clients.

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You have to be on top of them...mercilessly.  Submit the Request for Investor letter to them and go over their heads and go directly to the investor.  We had a MetLife file that took us 19 1/2 months to close.  It took us finding out who the investor was, contacting the investor directly and THEN things would get done.  We had to contact the investor about 32 different times.  In fact, after the investor approved of the short sale, it took MetLife 2 1/2 months to get us the approval letter.  That took about 8 calls to the investor.  So, yeah.  You've got to not be nice and just demand action.  I was always polite on the phone, but I didn't take any excuses or crap.  Just put your foot down, find out who the investor is, and go from there.  Good luck!
Thank YOU!!!!!  I will keep on it!
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Does anyone have a direct line or email for Ester Santana. She has NEVER returned my calls. The homes BPO and Appraisal came in at 227,000 BPO and $245,000 Appraisal. ( I dug deep to find these out). The offer is for $235,000!!!. There are also structual problems and an improperly filled pool in the rear that I had taken pictures of and supplied them to the negotiator, BPO agent and Appraiser. The bank would be a fool to take this back in foreclosure. No one will call me. I can only get to the operator who gives me the update and gets me to the negotiators voicemail. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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