I am a tenant and we have been working with the short sale process of Metlife for about 3 years!!! Yes 3 YEARS!!!  The problem is I am on the title but Im NOT on the actual loan part. When we moved into the home, we were buying it as a land contract.  At the closing they asked me to sign some of the paperwork but not all of it just as a precaution. These people did not seem like they knew what they were doing at all.  My name was handwritten in and then I signed some pages.  All correspondance from Metlife comes to the actual owner. 

I discovered about 3 years ago that the homeower got involved in a loan modification scam and hadnt sent the payments to metlife causing it to go into forclosure. She filed bankruptcy and at in 2009 Metlife agreed to short sale the home to me.


We filled out all necessary documentation. We had an issue getting our mortgage because of tax purposes but no other problem.  Metlife has never been reported on my credit report. Not once. We had issues with documentation with Metlife and kinda went back and forth for the next year-year and a half.  Finally everything got straightened out with the mortgage and we were set to close.  We had to get the expired approval from Metlife updated.  This time they came back and said "no because of the arms length rule".  We had 3 approvals for short sale with closing dates before. 


As I said Im not on the loan part. It has NEVER reported to my credit report and this house was bought basically on Land Contract.  We call the 888 number and get no where. There was a Corey that was helping but then came back and said that the "arms length" rule applied and will not talk to us anymore and wont return calls.  I need a higher up contact to talk to someone who we can explain again what happened and just go from there. 


The current company that we are currently approved through says they will agree to give us the mortgage but Metlife has to sign off on the arms length thing first..which they already have before!


Oh..and...the house went up for Sheriff sale on March 1st..because no one will return our calls.  Is there anyone out there who has a contact number or an email or something of a higher up that can help us?????

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Well, if it already went up for Sheriff Sale, it might be too late.  Some states have a redemption period for x amount of time after the sale, but others (like Illinois) have the redemption period before the sale.  As long as no deed has been recorded, you may be able to do something.

What state do you live in?

And, I hate to say it, but MetLife is HORRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.  It took me almost 2 years to get a short sale closed.  I'm sorry I'm not much more help.  :(

Thanks for the reply Angela,


We are in Michigan so we have 6 months redemption period. It just stinks so bad because they already agreed and we were set to close and then out of the blue..just basically a big ole "NOPE" came back out of nowhere and no one will even return our calls now.

You need to get an attorney involved. 

We have a short-sale specialist but even she is at her witts end.  We just discovered a little bit ago that the Home Loans dept. of Metlife is closing. They are no longer taking any loans and thousands of LO's are being laid off.  No surpise that no one wants to..or even cares to..return a call. They are all losing their jobs and no one is willing to help!


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