I am a home owner who has had my home listed for over 9 months. I have had two potential buyers who waited with no response from MetLife.  I am not about to lose my 2nd buyer due to a lack of response from MetLife.  I am supposedly at the approval part of this process, but speaking to anyone in that company is almost a joke.  I have a company that I am using to handle my short sale and they are even unable to get contact with anyone at Metlife.  I am beginning to panic that if this 2nd buyer walks away my home will foreclose.  I am looking for contact numbers to executives or something along those lines in hopes I can get someone who can work on or direct someone to work on my file. Any suggestions?

Chrissy C

Detroit, Mi.

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Chrissy, it doesn't sound like the company you hired to "handle" your short sale is doing to great a job if you have to resort to a panic call like this.  MetLife is no fun to deal with, that's for sure but they should be finding the contacts.  What kind of loan do you have?  Conventional, FHA, VA?  Also, you have any idea who owns your loan?  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Private Investor?

Hi  Chrissy,

I'm in the same boat as you are.  I have a listing with Metlife that I have had for almost two years.  It has fallen out twice becaus of their non response.  I now have a third buyer, cash at list price.  I do not want this offer to fall through.  I'm in the middle of finding out who I can escalate the file to.  When I get the information I will post it on this site.  Fortunately a bunch of former metlife loan processors just moved into my building since the company that bought Metlife Loans shares the building that my office is located.  I'm hoping to get a phone number or an email that I can contact at Metlife.  They no longer have a mortgage division but will continue working on all open transactions and short sales.

Mannie Makhathini

Las Vegas, NV

I am happy to report that MetLife responded the day after I left this message.  They approved the sale and I am hoping to close it by next week.  Thank you everyone for responding to me with offers of help and assistance.  I hope your loans close soon too.


What did you do to get them to call you back? I just was told it will take 70 days for an underwriter to contact me. But originally I was told 30 day. Need help !! Any suggestions?

Cheryl ,did you ever get  response back from the underwriter?


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