I'm looking for as much contact info as may be available.  I have a new listing coming in with a First Horizon 1st and a COO 2nd.


Anything would be appreciated.


Sounds like they like to take their time.  Good to know up-front.  Snoopy was always napping, wasn't he?

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I will get you the info shortly.

They are horrible to deal with. In fact, I will no longer take any First Horizon/MetLife loans. I have one now...and they still haven't ordered BPO. They got the package in April. They state they have 45 - 60 BUSINESS days to order a BPO and I cannot escalate before then (although I've tried numerous times and have been denied as many times). Then, once the BPO comes back the neg has 45 business days to review it.

Nothing but a nightmare.

Good luck!
Thanks Angela,

It looks like First Horizons is "two headed." They sold their 1st trust loans to MetLife and continued as servicer or sub-servicer. They however retained the 2nd trust loans and are using their subsidiary "First Tennessee Bank" to service those loans and handle the loss mitigation. I have another that is coming in with a First Horizons 2nd and their high level requirements are going to be tough, like they will not accept any short sales that do not net them at least 80% of the loan balance.

I look forward to any contact info you have.
I just received an approval from them yesterday July 28th on a complete short sale package they received on Feb. 2nd. They take a really long time and there is no communication with the negotiator


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