I have hardly any difficulty with lenders, large and small,negotiating loan mods or short sales. IndyMac is the exception! I never got anywhere with them aside from the prescreen operator sreading of the teleprompter. After faxing complete packages of 98 pages 3 times, without ever been contacted or having been able to communicate with a counselor, they posted a auction sign on my clients door. I have been able to stop the sale through other sources affiliated with One West Bank. No wonder the government had to take over, and they may have to do so again to protect the investors (OBW).

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You might might find this relavant :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBLwLIPvcJU
lol, Karin - I had similar problems w the faxes. 92 pages and they said they were missing 2. I number mine 1/92, 2/92, 3/92 etc. So great, which pages are you missing? Oh, I can't SEE the pages until 24-48hrs after you fax it. I can just tell we received 90 from teh confirmation. So I fedex'd copies of the WHOLE file to the bank. Now, the purchase contract is over 90days and they can't reopen the short sale. I got addendums signed by all parties and emailed the copies back to the supervisor. Humph, how ya like me now? :-) We'll see what happens now.


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