We've all know about the problem with the old RMA, and having to explain to sellers, 'yes it says 'modification' but it's also used for your short sale'.

We now have a 'new' form to attempt to address this problem.  Introducing:

RMA (Request for Mortgage Assistance).

I don't remember whether it was WF or BAC who brought this to my attention, but they insisted the seller re-do their info on this form.

I was bothered that their is no revision date anywhere on the form and no OMB number to make it appear an 'official' form - but I did find it at hmpadmin.  Seems it was created in October 2011 (I don't recall - I looked it up a few weeks ago).  A little strange it would only pop up now?

I'm attaching the form.

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The only real difference I can see is that they added the Dodd-Frank certification into the form as opposed to having it on a separate sheet within the form.  I read everything quickly and didn't see any verbiage alterations, so...

so it's one more way not to lose an extra 4 or 5 days as they discover you have the 'wrong' RMA, and you wait to get the new one completed. 

After that, they'll have to find a new excuse, 'signed in blue ink with your left hand, instead of black ink with your right hand'.  :)


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