TODAY we check Equator & there's an approval letter dated 20th of July. WHAT!?? We just called yesterday and there was no approval. Also, we check Equator every day. There's been nothing, no new messages, no new tasks.

Not to mention the fact that there have been NONE of the usual emails we normally get (one to me, one to my broker which he fwds to me to confirm I received) whenever something new happens on the file.

Then I read the approval letter & it says nothing about HAFA!!  But every single one of the offer & counteroffers had the 3k HAFA $$ in there. How did this jump the track from HAFA to regular short sale w/no notification to us?? We have never been denied HAFA.

Plus, I just checked the offer worksheets (see attached) & the 3k HAFA funds are on every single one).

For weeks, we had been getting conflicting messages in Equator about this file.

One message would say the offer was being analyzed and the next message would say the valuation had been ordered (even though the valuation had been done long before). When we called the main # and asked about this, we were told to ignore, that these were just system generated messages, that all was proceeding according to schedule. 


We finally confirmed that the file had been submitted to the investor for approval on July 17th. We've been checking Equator every day and there has been nothing - no new tasks and no messages. We called yesterday and asked what's going on with our approval and were told everything was fine, proceeding normally, blah blah, blah. 


And then we get this? We saw all this stuff from July 20th and it shows the messages as read in Equator, but we didn't read it because we didn't even know or show that it was there!


I called the main customer service line and they say it was never HAFA? and the only thing they will do it transfer me to the closing agent, which does me no good at all.


Please help me. The closing date is supposed to be August 21st.

I have Dave Sunlin's email but have lost his phone #. Please email me privately if you have it, or an equivalent level contact. thanks.


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This is SO weird. Page 2 of the offer worksheet I printed out when I first saw the (back dated) approval letter in Equator was BLANK.

I raise a stink, and suddenly the 2nd page has $3k to homeowner. BUT!!! I get 3 calls from BOA after my fit. They're telling me it's not HAFA (and I know it's not coop), that it was not approved for HAFA, yet they are giving the homeowner 3k. For what? Out of the goodness of their hearts? And why were we never given anything that says we were denied HAFA?

HAFA at BofA has ALWAYS been a big mess. All of them are fronts for hidden BofA "committees" which make all decisions.

You left out an important factor - which HAFA company are/were you dealing with? If it is AMS, their escalations staff is very good and dedicated (and high burnout, of course). 716-204-3895.

Hi Joe,

I'm waiting for my chest pain to subside.  I have no idea which HAFA co/division we were (or weren't?) dealing with. I just wonder why they did not tell us we were denied HAFA. What did they think the 4506-T was for? And the other ridonkulous new BoA HAFA forms we filled out and (repeatedly) uploaded to Equator at their request?

We were denied HAFA, but we're getting 3k? Makes you wonder what they want to cover up. I usually explain to homeowners who feel that BOA is purposely screwing things up just to force them into bankruptcy or foreclosure that this is not the case; it's just a huge bureaucracy where the left hand and right hand don't know and don't care what the other is doing. But this? This seems intentional.

Thanks for your help,


Start from the standpoint that at BofA, a lot of people have no clue what the rest of them are doing - and very few care. SS's are not a profit business for the bank, they lose income every time a file disappears to a short sale. Throw in puffed up politicians making up HAFA rules (like they must mail forms to the homeowner instead of giving them to someone who could make sure the homeowner fills them out - idiots), and you get BofA/HAFA/we-don't-care-'cause-we-don't-got-to. Now, should it make sense that they actually figured out how to put in the property address in the Equator email that they send you or can actually point you to or give you the FHLMC forms that they have a task pop up demanding?

No, you cannot think of BofA as a monolith brain, a purpose to help, an intelligent entity to do anything but supply $$ to their bottom line - and that is very much in any direction but helping you or the homeowner.  Now you can understand why things fire off at different times, aimed at each other, seemingly randomly - because that is BofA in a nutshell. Hmmm.. Doesn't make you feel better though, does it...

Your best bet in finding out history is to call the SS reps and ask - where was this HAFA with, when, etc. They will dig it out for you. In Equator, you can put in the address and go back through the previous incarnations - which may or may not tell you - best hints would be from the phone number for the negotiator - likely the main number for the HAFA sub co. (They also know where the file would go based upon the investor and if you had a buyer at the time of putting it into the system - co-op, FNMA, FHLMC, non-GSE - all different "HAFA's"...)

If you enjoy the HAFA today gone tomorrow fun of BofA, go and take on a challenge - have your next one FHA at BofA.  HA!

Wow!  A lot of issues here.  I thought I was the only one with files like this.  :)

Unfortunately, I've seen it before where BAC removes the borrower from HAFA on their own.  If you catch it early enough on the Equator dashboard (lender type BAC SS v. BAC HAFA) and ask them, they realy don't want to be doing: 'Are you sure the seller really wants HAFA?' they ask.

If the final HUD had the $3k borrower relocation, and the net proceeds in the approval letter match that HUD, that's a good thing.  If it doesn't, remember the goal is to settle the debt and get the short sale approved.  Escalating the HAFA issue to hmpadmin and Treasury in my experience has been futile.  No one really cares.  After escrow closes, they will care even less.

As for thing showing up in Equator, seemingly back dated, talking to the folks at Equator.. will make BAC seem like they are both extremely competent, and extremely caring. [For the record, some people at BAC actually are, but that is always the pleasant exception.]

As for Equator messages that 'just show up', without setting of the usual 'unread messages' indicator, or the courtesy email, Equator explains it as, 'the negotiator has a choice to make is a 'private message'.  Next to the message there will not be any usual icon to indicated the status as read or unread.  No one has an answer my the question, 'do you think it is effective communication is messages are sent - but no one knows about them?'

And I think Equator removed the support phone number from their site. 310.469.9167 if you want to bother.

System messages are moronic.  And often contradictory and repetitive.  Dave Sunlin's last number I had was (972)526-6167 but make sure you can start that call with, 'I'm sorry to bother you, but I did try resolve this through ____'.

Good luck!


You are definitely NOT alone, bofa recently has been more difficult than usual and I have been experiencing more mistakes on files............hang in there!

Jennie, try tweeting bofa, their social media team has been able to help me get some pretty messy files unstuck and they are pretty fast. Hopefully they can help you on your file. Best of luck!


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