I have a buyer who has been waiting on a response from AHMSI for almost 5 months. The BPO was completed back on the 3rd of January and the listing agent confirmed that they have received all of the documentation required from the seller. The listing agent has name dropped a few negotiators/contacts in emails to me but has said that no one will get back with her in regards to our offer. Some of the names were Larry Miller, Jeff Hunter, Mike McCay and a Ms. Hynes. The seller has not made a payment on the home in over 22 months and I'm wondering why we are getting absolutely no response. Does anyone have a contact email or phone number so that I might be able to gain some additional information as to the delay? I've heard horror stories in regards to working with AHMSI from fellow Realtors. Thank you so much for any help!!!

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Just have 877.304.3100 as the phone number.  They are slow but we've always gotten a response, although it's been awhile since we had one with them.  I hope you built in an extra 1% to give to them-they always want 1% of the purchase price back.

I have a client that tried to modifcation with them. They kept losing papers and claiming that files never arrived even though she had a fedex reciept.  She really wanted to stay in the home. But her health is on the decline. Anyway, I have been trying do the short sale. Sent all the documents and of course they lost them 3 times. Finally I got a name and email the person. He took over the file, confirmed he got the documents. Ordered a bpo. But once he got the  bpo he refused to presue the offer because it was too low. He told me what they needed as minimum. Which was a tad high, but our market is still declining. So now it is unreasonable.


They sent out someone to change locks because the house was vacant. And come by each month mows, and confirm that no one lives there.  The sale date is mid May. So we will see if a deal goes through.


On a side note. I have a second with them. Because of a family crisis. I had to go out of town with a health care emergency for my father. And didn't get my payment made.  They filed a notice of intent to foreclose with just one late payment.


Good luck


Janice Wheeler


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Hi Brooke,


Please send me your email and I will introduce you to my contact at AHMSI that is great with getting files like this unstuck.





Thank you so much! My email is brookecangro@cfl.rr.com


Thanks again!


I am a seller and have had this exact same problem!  My negotiator for my shortsale is J. Haynes.  I had my BPO back at the beginning of January, and we're still waiting for an answer.  My realtor has tried reaching her supervisor now because we can't get any response from anyone and I've even tried calling to help out.  I am close to going into foreclosure if this doesn't go through very soon.  Have you found out anything helpful?  My realtor and I would be so grateful! 
just wait until you get an approval and they slide in a $5,000 "admin fee."  Be prepared.

I am waiting on an approval right now. Thanks for the warning.



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