Can anyone help me on the best procedure for initiating a HAFA SS w/ AHMSI?

I just acquired a new listing yesterday and my client would like to see if she qualifies for HAFA. She had a loan mod where they reduced her payment for 2 years. Her husband passed away in 2010 and AHMSI has since reverted back to the old payment she had prior to the trial mod. She can't afford the home and is unemployed. I have never done a HAFA short sale before. Should I submit a package prior to offering? If I am not mistaken, in order to go with HAFA, I must first have AHMSI approve her to qualify and also have them valuate the home before I place it on MLS. Help :-/

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Hi Sharon,

Connect with me as a friend in this forum. I can introduce you via email to someone at AHMSI that can assist you with this.

Hi Jill i need help with AHMSI as well.  I have a pending short sale with them since January and never heard anything from them still.  




I'm getting caught up after the Symposium at Sea. Is your AHMSI SS HAFA also or traditional?


Hi Jill,

Can I get your contact at AHMSI ....I have a HAFA file that is going nowhere after many calls and its time for escalation.



Thanks Jill! I truly appreciate it. I'm coachable .. tell me what to do :)



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