Long story short:  Short Sale was approved 9/11/11 with 45 days to close escrow. VA loan on a serviceman in Afghanastan, with his wife working with a Power of Attorney. POA standards were changed, buyer was moved out of country and incommunicado for 4 weeks, extension granted. Then, paid off Child Support was reported as past due. Had to hire attorney to get  County Child Support to correct credit report (under threat of law suit). Letter finally arrived 1/20/12 and COE Approval was until 1/24/12.  We can close by end of next week (2/10/12) but WF wants a whole new offer, documentation and approval review- and the Trustee Sale has been scheduled for 2/27/12.  Without authority to close later than 1/24/12, escrow can't proceed. ANY SUGGESTIONS/ PHONE NUMBERS/ ETC? A few years ago there was an Executive Mortgage Communications Team I talked to who got involved in a problem approval, but I can't find the number now. We are preparing all new docs but with no guarantee that WF will process them enough to postpone the TS again.

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Talk to your negotiator about the problem, and then escalate that to her manager asap. Explain the reason you need the sale postponed is because of THEIR policies, and has nothing to do with the seller or your offer. Be polite, but persistant. Follow though with the paperwork they requested. Most banks will not process a request for sale postponement until a week before the sale date, so until then yo're wasting time.

Your mission now is not getting the COE extended, it's getting the sale postponed. COE can come after that.


It's not Wells it's VA.  They force vets to foreclosure more often than not.  It's disgusting.  I'm surprised you got this far.

How frustrating.  You will definitely have to escalate to a manager/supervisor at WF because of the time crunch.  Remember to do all the paperwork again as they requested.  Today is the 8th, so I assume you've already submitted everything.  But be diligent in requesting that they've received what they need and also be diligent in requesting the bank to postpone sale date.  Also, I would call the attorneys who are handling the Trustee Sale.  Explain the situation with WF and request them to postpone the sale date indefinitely or to extend the date. If that works, it will provide you some relief to get the WF documents handled.  That indeed worked once for me. Good luck!

I found this number in the Wells Fargo Group:

!!!!!Escalation number for Realtors   877-841-5301 There is a long post about various issues.



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