I have a short sale that I have been working on since last July, Wells Fargo has the first , and Wells Fargo Home Equity has the second.  This is also a Freddie Mac backed loan.  We have gone through three buyers now with the last one walking after I had an approval letter and extension approval on the original foreclosure date of Feb. 3.

I found a new buyer immediately after the last buyer walked, same terms, no changes on the new HUD as far as amount to go to the lender.  On Feb. 11th, Wells Fargo let me know that everything was being processed with the new buyer in place and it had been assigned to a closer. This closer was the same as I had with the old buyer.  This is where the biggest nightmare I have ever experienced with short sales starts.

Long story short we received a new short sale approval with a close date of March 20th, as customer service stated it was approved on Feb. 25th, and a new approval letter from the closer.  Great got the letter and put the ball in motion to get this closed, finally.  The buyer's loan processor who is also WF requests a 30-day close, which great, I get a new approval letter from this closer on March 1 showing a close date for March 31.  After submitting everything and thinking we are on track, it is brought to everyone's attention that the short sale approval letter is still showing the old buyer from back in January.  Now it is March 11th, I have a foreclosure date set for April 4th.  As of today, everyone involved on the Wells Fargo side will not respond and no one seems to know why the new file has not been reviewed, and why it is still open with this closer under the old buyer.  Does anyone have a contact higher up?? Help!


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Aren't you kn Equator?  If you are you should be able to click on the manager and everyone else that looks like they are in a higher position than your closer and/or negotiator.
Unfortunately, no I am not in equator with Wells, wish I was though. I have managers names and numbers that are directly above the negotiator and closer, but I have had one call from the manager and she left a message on Monday, have been calling and emailing her since then with no response. Customer service does not even have anything showing a manager or any updates.
Sorry, I don't know. I did one from Wells on Equator so I assumed.  Good Luck, i have found that persis tence is key.  It took me 9 months to close one with the same buyer.  I learned a lot from that one and have been able to move them along a lot quicker now. 
Did you ever find and contacts? I am going though a nigmare



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