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I wanted to give a quick heads up on US Bank authorization. I just called to get an update on a HAFA short the sale. The rep asked me for the last four of my social security number or the last four of my tax ID. He stated this is brand new procedure for US Bank as of the 17th of November. He states this is for increased security for their borrowers. I asked him how US Bank would know the last four of my SS# and that is wasn't just some random number, he stated they wouldn't know. As for tax ID, he stated it was public record. US Bank is going to look up every Realtor and Brokerage? Really?

BTW - this information is NOT posted anywhere on their website but the rep did state is was being added to US Banks authorization form.

If you have a file with US Bank you may want to call and verify so there are no delays on your files. They are requesting new authorization forms before they will give out any updates.



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Really?  I have several US Bank deals and no one I spoke with knows about this (I spoke with 4 different people).  That is completely ridiculous.  I don't give my Social Security number out to anyone, much less a bank I don't even have accounts with.  Will do some more digging.


I believe you sent a Release of Information Authorization from a different loan . Please send a Release of Information Authorization letter signed and dated (Borrower's signature) to U.S Bank Home Mortgage  fax # 866-746-2923 and/or email shortsalerequest@usbank.com and cc me on the email  please. The letter should contain Mortgage's company name and its representatives (name and Tax ID # or 4 last digits of Social security number.) 


Isabelle Sherrillo
Relationship Manager
U.S. Bank Home Mortgage

Does US bank go through Equator?

Where can I find the correct short sale packet for my client to fill out?

I just called US Bank and asked if they had any specific forms I needed to use and was told the same thing. They still don't have the form but said I could use my own if I included my last four digits. I think they plan to use it to identify me when I call them.

It's true.  I just now had to resend with the Tax ID

I don't think this is a new thing.  I've been doing this since last spring.

I have a new short sale process going with US Bank and they requested the last 4 of MY SS# or TIN.





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