We've had a lot of success these past 2 years with the banks and only had to "escalate" a handful of times.  It's pretty rare.

It's so rare, that I'm asking for your help on specific Suntrust Policies on how to:
  • Escalate or change negotiators (We've had 3 files with one person in particular and 1 got foreclosed on, one got declined and she told us 2 days before the date!)
  • Challenge the BPO
Thanks so much for those that participate!

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I agree. They are pretty much the worse of the worse, with the exception of maybe a couple 2nd lenders that want insane amounts of money and never budge. The ONLY way we can ever get anything done with Suntrust short sales is to call and email over and over and over again and go straight to management and yell and throw a fit and call and email and go to management and escalate again and then yell some more... Usually by this time they tell us they want 100%+ of the BPO...

Glad to see you on here Joshua, been a little while!

I'll shoot you a PM if I can dig up a contact or two with them, I think I may have somebody for you. I know SOMEWHERE on this forum it is already posted.
I do have a few contacts laying around. Just emailed you the President/CEO, Vice President, and pretty much the entire loss mitigation department. Good luck with them! You'll need it!!

Hope this entices you to stick around more Joshua!
I am new to this site and happened on it while trying to find help with a SunTrust equity where we got what they wanted from the other parties, and have to close by the 27th of Aug or the first is going to service release to OCWEN. If anyone can share any contacts that can assist. The file supposedly has been submitted and calling the negotiator and advising of the situation has not helped at all.

Thank you for any assistance
I'm here, just working on growing the business. If all works well, we'll be adding one new employee next week. I'm really pumped about it, but short sales are so predictably unpredictable. =)

We should do a mastermind call with all the agents now that we have a good "pool!"
Pool is definitely getting DEEP! I remember you were in the one we had less than a year ago if I remember correctly, the round table conference call when I talked about putting a site like this together! We've come along way in less than a year.

Hope to get to meet you sometime Joshua! Any plans on going to one of our events in a couple months? The cruise or the 5-star conference?
I'd love to do those things. The funny part of our business is that we'll likely close more than double we ever have since I started, but the money is less. It's great "support" or friends like you guys that have helped me double my business but the prices have tanked so much that it's affected the bottomline. My hope is that some of the things we are doing will take us to the next level and I can afford to do more events (and fun!). Want to go though for sure, it'd be great to meet you guys.
Oh NO. I am about to meet with sellers who have 2 loans with Suntrust. Can you guys give me some tips on how to get this short sale started on the right foot with this lender? Could they actually be worse than Aurora???
Just wanted to let everyone know...just received an Approval from Suntrust and it was the shortest timeframe I've ever had with them...45 days from start to finish. I had approval only 9 days after BPO was received. I can tell you that they were amazing...the negotiator, Michael Barnes, was by far the best I've had.

I have 2 other files with them that started in May...still no approval. There doesn't seem to be any consistency!
I had a closing with sunstrust, Michael Barnes was also my negotiator. He was very nice and always returned my calls and emails. The deal still took over 8 months to close. It was a nightmare. Mr. Barnes was great and he did keep the lines of communication open. I had to postpone three auction dates from the time we started until finished and everytime I called Mr. Barnes he had already put the request in before I prompted him. As nice as he is I hope that I never have to deal with Suntrust again.
It's all about the negotiator with Suntrust. They do have some good traits but the process is very inconsistent.
While they do have some decent experiences, and I have taken several to closing, in general they stink. I've closed two Aurora's in the last couple months, while they are much worse than they used to be a year a or two ago, short sales with Suntrust in general are worse!
Suntrust is no better/worse than most. The ones on my banned list are ING and Met Life



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