Not loving them at all right now.  I need advice.  I had full package submission 11/28.  STILL hasn't been assigned to a negotiator.  I do have a special point of contact who called me last week and said it was assigned to a negotiator but he couldn't tell me the name yet.  I called into customer service the next day and got a name.  Still nothing.  I called my special point of contact again, and he looked at the file and said it's not assigned and he had no idea how I got the name?????????????????????????????????? OK, this got frustrating so I emailed the CEO of Suntrust - NO Response.  I then emailed the Senior Loss Mit specialist that works with Freddie/Fannie (It's fannie backed) NOTHING. 


I have no where else to go at this point.  Any suggestions?

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Try  he is one of the higher ups in their short sale dept.


Good luck!


JR Kroll

If i were you, I would call the CEO's office and actually speak to someone. Here is their info: Office of President: 800-634-7928 Opt.5 Ext.58352. I believe Steve Entwistle handles 2nd mortgages only but that may have changed.

LOL...I EMAILED the President of Suntrust...NO RESPONSE.  This is definitely one of the WORST lenders to deal with.  I called the number and got a nice woman who said she would send a note over to the escalations department. UNREAL.

Sounds to me like your file is stuck on the Set Up Department.

Try (setup dept)

also (loss mitigation dept)

Plus here is the direct no 800-634-7928 Opt 5, Ext 58791

Let me know how it goes


Ada Sanchez

Ada, unfortunately this didn't work.  I got to some guy named Joe who said he could only transfer me to my special point of contact, who, IS MIA. 


My file is already set up.  I emailed a Loss Mitigator who told me he would look into it last week.  Never heard from him again and emailed him 3X

Suntrust is by far the worst bank to work with. You will need a lot of patience. Make sure that your negotiator is really the negotiator and not just a processor. I have 4 processors that said they were the negotiator. Get emails from everybody you deal with. Also verify that your sellers do not have any other property titled in their names anywhere or that somebody that has the same name as your sellers. I found that one of my sellers had the exact name as someone else and I created a document that was notorized that they didn't own this other property. Verify also that your sellers do not have other collateralized loans with Suntrust.

SunTrust is bad...but you've probably never worked with MetLife.  Makes SunTrust look like they are staffed with MIT Trained, Speedy Gonzalez fast personnel.  ;)

 I just read all of the very capable info that was sent to you. Keep calling, everytime you reach someone, you may get a different answer... keep at it until you find the one who can help and ALWAYS  go up the line with a situation like yours. Ask for a senior supervisor when calling in..... persistance and determination. I have never dealt with this company. sounds like you might be in the Southern or Eastern part of the country. Frances Hicks in the California

You see my friends, this is why I never wait for an Offer to get communications going with the bank.  I've done this sort of thing for over twenty years and the first thing I do is initiate contact with the mortgage company.  Plain foolish in my book.  No wonder so many deals fall apart and so many people complain about the length of time to close.  Simple, to me wrong startegy from the getgo but my understanding is that this is how everyone is doing it?  Why, I'm not quite sure.  Common sense.  Call and call and call and ring their phone off the hook.  Follow up to CEO's office with letters.  Good Luck!  Joelene



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